Total Weight Loss

Saturday, May 5, 2012

The Doctor

On Monday I went to the doctor for a routine visit.  He likes to keep a close eye on me to keep me encouraged with the weight loss.  I was a little frustrated with a bit of a bounce in my weight.  I have been down in the 160's but can't seem to break that barrier.  What is more frustrating is that I ease up in to the 170's way too often.  I have lost the same 10-12 pounds more times that I care to count.  As he and I discussed my eating and exercise habits he was pleased.  He found nothing wrong with my patterns in either area,  but then he asked about strength training.

I realized he'd hit exactly on the issue.  I am doing great with aerobic activity, and I make good choices the majority of the time with eating, but I am doing no resistance training of any type.  I was so pleased that he'd asked.  I decided right then and there to start immediately.  I have a couple of hand weights.  I could walk holding those or do some various arm exercises right away.  BUT, I haven't done it.  The week got away from me.  I have some very good reasons for letting it slip my mind.  I'm not going to get in to those.  What I am going to do is use those weights three times a week beginning today.  Beginning as soon as a hit publish. I mean it.

I got a letter from the doctor on yesterday, which brought all of this to mind.  That was a good thing.  There is no telling how long it would have taken me to remember to find the weights if I hadn't.  There was also a bit of disconcerting news.  Apparently, my thyroid function is low.  Part of me is relieved that it has finally shown up.  The doctor and I have agreed for some time that I have every single symptom of hypothyroidism.  The blood test never showed it.

The plan for now, however is to test it again at my next visit in August.  In the meantime, I'm going to keep eating healthy, walking, and developing a routine with the weights.  Feel free to hold me accountable on it!


  1. kk darlin, it's 3:33 now that's almost 3 hours since you posted did you use the weights? mayhaps you should do some herbal research on thyroid in the meantime,off the top of my head coconut oil, vegetable juices, licorice.......avoid caffeine at all costs. i'm gonna do some research to and get back to you darlin. b vitamins can also help with the energy levels.

    1. Yes I have! They are by the back door for me to carry on my walk this evening.

      Thanks for the advice on thyroid. I use coconut oil, but I also take execdrin which have a lot of caffeine, they probably cancel each other out!!!

  2. Too bad about the thyroid. Meds are probably inevitable. Same thing happened to me. But I was older than you when first diagnosed. Thankfully, the meds are cheap with few side effects.

  3. I was diagnosed with hypothyroidism a few years ago. I've been a few different meds for it. Soy and raw cruciferous vegetables are two more foods to be aware of with hypothyroidism. The list is a long one. I was told me to take Vit B and Idoral, too. I felt better almost immediately after starting Idoral earlier this year.