Total Weight Loss

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Today I Weigh

I decided to post my weight as often as possible to keep myself accountable.  Some days I might just put down a number.  Today it is 189.4.  I lost 0.4 lbs yesterday, I think from releasing that burden I'd been carrying.

Another thing I'll do is simply write down everything I eat.  I'm not counting calories, carbs, fat or anything else.  This will just be a list of what I eat.  My mother does this and says it works for her because she doesn't want to see the 'bad' stuff in writing.  It is worth a try.  It can't hurt.  I don't know if I'll publish that nor not.  Mostly because I don't think I'll have the time.  I'll see as time progresses.

Thanks for joining me and supporting me on this journey.  Here's hoping to newfound success for me and continued success for my friends.


  1. do whatever works for you sweetie but here's a "quick" tip photo the page with your phone and post the pic! lol or scan it if you have a scanner.

  2. I am so with you..anything is worth a try if it helps move those pounds. Wishing you success.

  3. I think writing down what you eat is a really good idea, even if you're not technically "tracking" in any way. Yay for not being in the 190s. You are trying to stop this train before it goes there. Good for you!