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Monday, February 9, 2015

Mental Battles

Folks, I had a hard weekend.  I was fighting those mental battles all weekend.  It was tough.  I wanted to eat and I wanted to eat a lot.  Hunger had nothing to do with the issue.  I just wanted to eat.  Oddly, the thing I wanted most was pork roast.  I wanted it cooked in the slow cooker and I wanted to sit down with a fork and just eat!

Of course, I didn't do that.  It takes too long to do that, and even if I'd started to cook one, I would have come to my senses before devouring it.  Still, even typing it, brings that image to mind and how much I would enjoy it.

This is the place in my journey where I start what I've termed "On Plan Cheating."  I'll eat way too many of the free foods or decide that I can eyeball the portions.  Maybe one more serving won't hurt.  Those things add up, stall weight loss, and fuel frustration.

So, in my determination not to eat half a pig at one sitting, I decided to try on some clothes that had been too snug.  I had two pairs of pants that the last time I put them on, they were too small, even though I could actually get them on.  Every bulge and bump showed, besides being uncomfortable.  And forget about sitting down.

I got one pair out and they slipped on just fine.  The matching top fit nicely too.  I was pleased.  I modeled for 65MD thinking with the better fitting clothes, he might mention that he could tell my weight was dropping.  He did not.

Still, buoyed by that success, I put on the other pair, which were the same size as the others.  I do not know how they were cut, but they looked absolutely horrible.  They were still too small in all of the wrong places.  They looked so bad, they were funny.  However, I did NOT show 65MD and I may never put them on again!  That image really didn't help things for me.  I tried to concentrate on the fact that I'd added a new outfit to my wardrobe.  It helped some.

On Sunday, my extended family came over for lunch.  I haven't seen some of them in a while, and I was guessing that I'd lost about 20 lbs since I'd seen a couple of them.  I was wearing my better fitting slacks and just knew someone would comment.  I can usually count on my mother to mention weight loss, to the point that I sometimes don't believe her.  No one said a thing.  Not even her.

I powered through.  It was the only choice I had.  Eating off plan while on hcg is guaranteed weight gain.  I couldn't have that.  I was rewarded with a nice loss this morning.  Just as I was beginning to feel like the battle was won.  I got a phone call.  The girl scout cookies I ordered are here.  Sigh!

(Don't worry, I won't eat them!)


  1. cookies are evil, delete all cookies! lolol hang in there hon, we all know those mental battles are the hardest! BIG hugs!

  2. LOL, bless your heart. I wasn't expecting that ending! I wore PJs on Friday eve that I haven't worn in probably a year. Both my oldest daughters immediately made a comment about my "new" PJs. I was so excited. Then I got around hubby. Not a word. Not a single notice. I tried not to be snooty about it, but by bed I was really angry. LOL Silly now that I look back. Anyway, I told him the girls noticed but he didn't! He said, "But they're not new! You've worn them before!" Ughhh, YEAH A YEAR AGO YOU... YOU... MAN!!! :)

  3. Men don't notice anything. They are
    useless when it comes to that kind of thing. Or if they do comment, it comes out wrong. So it's better he kept quiet. Keep up the good work! And enjoy that "new" outfit.
    Girl Scout cookies are evil, especially thin mints! I can so not keep my grubby hands off thin mints.