Total Weight Loss

Thursday, February 12, 2015

My Back?!?!

In spite having not cheated once, my weight was up 0.4 this morning.  It is super frustrating for me for a couple of reasons.  One, I know once I am off the hcg the weight loss will slow down.  So, I want to lose as much as possible before then.  And two, I am so close to ONEderland!  I really, really wanted to get below that before switching plans.  It could happen.  Finally, there is always a bounce up when I switch plans.  I think is must be water, but I'm not sure.  I don't want to cross over to 199 only to go back up to 201.  I know it is only two pounds but it seems like so much more when it is those two pounds!!

Then as I was getting dressed, I walked into the bathroom fully dressed below the waist and only wearing my bra above the waist.  As I put on my deodorant, facing the mirror, I thought that I really looked fine.  I could see more definition in my tummy, my waist was curving in like it should, and I could see a hint of collarbone.  All very good.  I wasn't going to sweat the small uptick, nor the potential of not getting below 200 lbs this week.  

I turned to exit the bathroom and put on my top.  That is when I saw it.  The back fat!  Oh MY!!  It was just hanging back there.  It was gross.  I don't look at my back often, so I had no idea.  Most of the time I am looking at my bum, while fully clothed obsessing about why it isn't improving with all of the exercise it is getting.  (My therapy is concentrated on my gluts & thighs.)  I can't remember the last time I looked at my back above the waist, and shirtless.

I've got a problem!  I am going to try and turn this in to motivation.  There is no way, I am putting a bathing suit on that!


  1. Once you reach a healthy BMI, your back fat will be gone. You are doing great, but you aren't there, so of course your body isn't either. I like that you are going to use this as motivation. :)

  2. I think last year was when I finally realized I had back fat. Yep, definitely a depressing discovery! LOL I'm sorry you were up, but 0.4 is really not a huge deal. It could be water, hormones, or a lack of sleep. You'll get to Onderland!

  3. we all have "that" area mine is my tummy I look great from the bellybutton up but below that my oh my! lolol but as you know that too will go with the weight loss so keep on keepin on you're doin GREAT!