Total Weight Loss

Friday, February 13, 2015

State of My Body Report #2

I did this for the first time on January 5, with the idea that I would do it periodically to have an additional reminder of my progress.  Since I am switching to the 21 day transition plan soon, I decided today would be a good day to do an update.

Weight & Measures:  As of today I weigh 201.4 lbs.   For the three abdominal measures (waist, belly button & hip) I went from 42, 51 & 51 to 38, 43 and 49 1/2.  That is 4 inches gone from my waist, 8 gone from my belly button and 1 1/2 from my hips.  (Measures are as of Wednesday.)  I am thrilled that my belly is shrinking.  I'm a little surprised that my hips are still so large considering they are the target of my rehab & pre-op exercises.  

Clothes:  I tried on a couple of once too small things over the weekend last weekend.  One fit and one didn't.  I'll probably try on some other clothes this weekend. So far, my current clothes are a little looser but none are so big that they are ready to retire.

Appearance:  Much better.  I asked 65MD last night if he could tell that I'd lost weight and he readily said he could.  He went on to say that he'd really noticed on Sunday.  Funny thing, that was the day, I really thought someone would say something but no one did.  I didn't press him as to why he kept his mouth shut.  I just accepted that I looked smaller to him and moved on.

Health:  Getting better.  My right hip is almost healed.  I'd say I'm 98% there.  I notice at the end of the day if I've been very busy, it will bother me.  My left hip is the issue, but it is better too.  We are hoping now to make it to the fall if not the first of next year before getting it replaced.  The more weight I can get off and the stronger I get, the better.

Exercise:  I am still doing my rehab exercises each day and I have added the pre-op ones as well.  Truth be told, they are getting easier all the time.  I'm thinking of adding something like the Wii soon.  I'll need to ease in to whatever it is, and that seems the tamest.  I haven't given up on the belly dancing but that will have to wait a while longer.

Eating:  Yesterday after I recovered from the trauma of discovering back fat, I decided that maybe the uptick (which didn't go down this morning) was a sign that my body is ready to switch plans.  I got out the instructions for the 21 day transition to refresh my memory of the plan.  I was I good thing I did.  I had forgotten that certain carbs are allowed, only not with fat.  Any one familiar with Trim Healthy Mama knows that is the whole premise of their plan; don't combine fat and carbs.  So, in the THM vocabulary for 21 days, I'll be doing mostly 'Deep S' meals with a few 'E' meals thrown in.  I'll probably just segue right in to THM.  I reserve the right to go back to hcg if I'm not getting the results I need.

General:  I am sleeping much better.  I hardly ever have wakeful spells in the night.  I am actually back to my house cleaning schedule.  I have a chart that helps me keep on track and get the whole house clean by concentrating on one area at a time.  I started this week for the first time since surgery.  Who knew cleaning house could make me feel so good!

Overall, I am in a much better place physically, mentally and emotionally than I was last time I did this.


  1. At least now you know that you really DID look smaller on Sunday, and it wasn't all just in your mind! Yay! I really like reading the evaluations of people like this. :)

  2. Yay! He noticed, he really noticed. Tell him next time it doesn't count unless he says something. I took belly dancing classes. I loved them. However, I was not very good at it. Loved them anyway.


    1. I have a dvd that I can do in the privacy of my own home. That way, no one knows just how bad I really am!

  3. YEAH! so glad to her you sound like the positive take charge gal I know and love. you're doin great and it's only gonna get better as far as the hips not shrinking mayhaps it's simply a build up of muscle which may be larger than fat and obviously looks better too! ..............oh and im gonna do a shimmy just for you! xoxo

    1. Thanks for the shimmy, Timmy!

      And the aforementioned DVD.

    2. my honor and pleasure, every Goddess should have one!