Total Weight Loss

Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Wednesday Weigh-In, Winter Weather, and Whining

As of this morning, I have lost 53.4 lbs,  the same as last week.  That isn't the worst part.  On Monday I had lost 0.8 lbs for the week.  I weighed 200.2 lbs.  I was mentally writing my blog about reaching ONEderland, with all the glory surrounding that milestone.  Even though I weigh 201.0 right now.  It seems so much farther away.  

I know what happened; it was the transition off of hcg.  I always get a bounce up.  I don't like it. Knowing why helps, but only to a point.  I have had an epic mental battle the last few days.

Part is due to natural hunger returning as the hcg leaves my body and part, probably the larger part, is due to being snowed  iced in.  I must say at the outset, that I have enjoyed the snow days and the extra time with 65MD home has been wonderful.  (This is the first time his employer has closed for ice or snow.) However, something about being housebound makes me want to bake.

So far, I have refrained except for making a loaf of bread because 65MD ran out. (We didn't make a mad dash to the grocery store when we heard the forecast.)  I don't know why, I have this desire to make brownies, cookies or anything sweet when there is winter weather.  I don't remember my mother doing it.  Maybe she did. I got the idea somewhere! Oh and don't forget the hot chocolate.  65MD makes a mean cup of it.

I have been doing battle in my mind about having a planned indulgence. So far, my desire to get below 200 is winning out over something sweet.  That, and the fact, that I don't want to go through the struggle to get back in to ketosis.

Still, I am feeling deprived, frustrated and impatient with myself.  I can't keep those images of candy and cupcakes from dancing in my head, which is maddening!  So today, I have given myself a different kind of indulgence day.  I am allowing myself protein of any type, in any amount for the day.  I am not counting calories.  No carbs, only protein.  If I want it, and it is protein, I am eating it.

For breakfast, I had an omelet made with eggs from the backyard hens.  I have a pork roast in the slow cooker.  It is done and I can nibble on it all day as I please.  I have steak in the refrigerator that is ready to heat and eat if I get my fill of pork.  Honestly, as of this writing, I am still so full from the eggs, that those things don't sound so appealing!!!

Tomorrow, will be back with the program 100%.  It is low carb but there is a calorie limit too.  Hopefully a little on plan cheating.indulgence will help me feel better between the ears and I'll be ready to be fully on plan tomorrow.  And one day soon, I'll be announcing ONEderland.


  1. You are still soooo close!!!! And you know I understand your desire to bake and cook and drink hot cocoa. Hubby got news today that Friday will probably be his first allowed day back at work. Having him here is nice but throws everything way off track - schooling, meals, routine.

    1. I get how having hubby around changes things. 65MD went in late this morning and will come home soon. I've gotten so much accomplished in that time. It doesn't make sense!! Still, I love him being home.

  2. Randy works from home. I cook and eat way more with him here. He is gone this week, and I'm just making what the kids like. Then eating a salad. Amazing how good I am when I'm not cooking meat, carbs, veggies for him. But I sure am glad he works from home!