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Sunday, February 6, 2011

It Started with the Peanuts

I must confess that yesterday was not a good eating day for me.  For quite some time 65MD has wanted to roast peanuts like his mother used to when he was a boy.  I thought it was a fine idea, but just never had done it.  He found some raw peanuts and happily brought them home to roast.  They smelled wonderful and were super duper easy to do.

I thought they'd have to be brined for a few hours, but all he did was dump them on a cookie sheet and put them in a 350 degree oven for 20 minutes.  It really could not have been easier.

Right now peanuts are not on the eating plan for me.  But I succumbed to the delicious aroma and was not disappointed with the actual taste.  YUM!  I kept thinking that they were protein and all natural which is true.  They will make a fine snack on another eating plan, but not the one I'm on now. 

I grabbed two or three peanuts every time I walked through the kitchen yesterday.  Finally, I put them in a container where I couldn't see them and distractedly pick up a few.  That helped but then came the ham.

In an effort to eat better himself, 65MD asked if I would bake a ham for him to have sandwiches during the week.  It seemed like a better choice than that pressed pre-packaged stuff, so I agreed.

That smelled fabulous as well.  I started nibbling it as I was trying to cut it off the bone for him.  I'd had three or four nibbles when I got control of myself and asked him to finish the process.  He was fine with that especially since it was for him.

In the great scheme of things it really was not a bad divergence, but on hcg there is no room for error.  If a food isn't on the plan there is a very good reason.  So this morning I said hello to the 170's again, but believe me tomorrow I'll be out of them again.

Even though this was a bit of a set back, it wasn't a big one.  I didn't spend a lot of time beating myself up over it, nor did I think I'd take the rest of the day/weekend off and start fresh tomorrow/Monday as an excuse to binge.  I feel good about that.  I need to continue to develop those coping skills for when I get to my goal.  It won't be long now!!

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