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Thursday, February 17, 2011

Victory Thursday!!

I worked a full day today and I am whipped!  Even though this week has been very unusual in that I spent most of it in a prone position either on the couch or in the bed, I still managed a couple of NSV's.
First, I added some of the too big skirts I'd been hanging on to for some unknown reason to the consignment sale.  I can't point to any emotional break through or 'aha moment'.  I had one of the skirts and was about to put it away when I realized that I was not going to wear that skirt anymore.  I put it in the consignment pile. Once I did that, it was like the dam burst and I started thinking of other clothes to consign.  Most are still in the closet or drawer but only because I've been too sick to mess with it much.  This weekend, I have great designs on another huge purge. 
I actually did 10 minutes on the stair stepper yesterday.  It was a slow easy pace and I didn't break a sweat, but I did it.  It was a mental thing; one of those mind games I often play.  The closest I had come to exercise since Saturday was walking from the bed to the couch.  Somehow, I needed *gasp* to exercise.  I needed to have that normalcy; the routine.  I still don't think I like exercise, but it has worked its way in to my reality and I missed it.  I'm feeling a little bit strange admitting that since I have made no bones about hating exercise all along.  But, when it wasn't an option, suddenly, I missed it.  Hmmm....perhaps I've had more emotional growth than I realized.  Tonight I did another 15 minutes, again very slow & easy.  Tomorrow I might push myself to 20 minutes and maybe even next week, I'll be back at full capacity...but don't ask me to like it!!!!

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