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Sunday, February 27, 2011

New to Me Clothes

Excuse me while I take a little break from blogging about weight, weight loss, food plans & exercise, so that I can climb up on my soapbox and rant about women's clothes sizes...ahem...

Yesterday, as I mentioned I dropped off clothes at the consignment sale.  I was able to pre-shop and picked up a few things sized 12P.  I started with size 14, but they were too roomy, so I got a 12 and there was a blouse I liked with a 12P label so I grabbed that too.  It fit like it had been tailor made just for me.  I admit it made me feel good to be able to put on that top and have it fit so nicely.  It felt good to know that I can walk in to any department store now and shop with the 'normal' size clothes as opposed to the plus size. 

BUT, in my heart I knew that I was not/am not a size 12.  When I weighed 165+ on the way up, I wore a 14 on a good day.  The kind of day when there was no bloat, I had control top pantyhose on and the clothes had a generous cut.  ;-)  Most of my clothes were size 16.  I'm not really complaining, just stunned a little bit.  I'm sure manufacturers know the buying public much better than I, and this must be what the public wants.  OK.  I'll deal with that.  It seems a little deceptive, but we all know better, right?

Today, my mother brought me  a box of clothes a friend had given her and she could not use them.  I never know where a gem might be hiding so I took the clothes to try on.  The first garment I pulled out was a classic black blazer, size 16.  My first thought was that my poor mother had no idea that I was a size 12 now and that would swallow me whole.  I put it on anyway.  It fit, nicely even.  Hmmm...I didn't want that size 16 corrupting my little 12's, I put it in the pass pile.  Then I pulled out a pair of slacks, size 12.  That was more like it, but I couldn't get them over my hips.  What?!?!  How long had this lady had these clothes in her closet???  After that, I stopped looking at the sizes and developed a lot of respect for my mother being able to know what size my body is better than I do.

Several of the items were quite dated, and wouldn't work with my wardrobe, but some were fine and it was worth my time to get a few more pieces that will serve me on the way down.  The last thing I tried on had to have been in this woman's closet from 1970.  Even 65MD, who seems to like these fashion shows, started laughing when I pulled out this lovely dress.  It was from that new fangled double knit fabric.  The top was a red & white horizontal stripe and the skirt was navy blue.  It was a dress, made to look like a skirt & top.  It had a navy blue jacket with white piping around the collar and white buttons.  It was a nice patriotic ensemble.  I wouldn't wear it in 100 years unless I was attending some sort of 1970's retro party.

Then I noticed the size.  It was 14.  I put it on out of curiosity.  I managed to struggle in to it, but if I'd taken a deep breath, some of the seams would have ruptured, and there was no way it was going to zip.  There was at least a 3 inch gap at the waist.  65MD was about to pass out he was laughing so hard.  It was funny.  Too bad we didn't take pictures.  I was a little afraid to laugh because I didn't want to rip out any seams. 

I managed to get it off perhaps saving a shred of dignity.  Then I hit upon this idea for clothing manufacturers.  Please put the year the garment was made in addition to the size.  That way those of us that shop for vintage/classic garments, will have a better idea as to if it will fit.  If the label is a size 12 but the year is 1980, it is too little for me right now.  I could make a little spreadsheet to keep up with it.  I'd even publish for all of my blog friends.  It would save us all a lot of time in the dressing room and a lot more embarrassment.  So, manufacturers, is that possible?  It doesn't seem too hard to me.

We now resume our regularly scheduled weight loss blog...


  1. Hmmm...I didn't want that size 16 corrupting my little 12's, I put it in the pass pile.
    LOL, I laughed so hard!! That's where those wash-off labels are helpful - we can pretend that they're any size we want them to be!! You should have taken a pic of you wearing the vintage dress. haha I just had two bags of size 16s given to me and they were too big (and not my style mostly)...felt good to pass them on again! I do find that people's weights don't always correspond with a certain size though.

  2. I'm still laughing and this is one of those times I wish we already knew each other in person because I would've LOVED to have been present for this party!!

    But you also make a totally valid point and I've actually seen written material about how this is just one more way manufacturers are trying to convince us we really aren't getting fatter as a nation. It's criminal!

  3. Augh, I've wondered about this issue. Right now I'm 217 pounds - wearing size 16's. I thought the reason I could do this was because I'm a more fit "fat person", you know leaner. Guess not, the clothes manufacturers are messing with us! Shame on them!

    Keep focused!

  4. Clothing sizes are so inconsistent! Seems to me that men have it easier with a waist size and leg length and neck size and sleeve length. Sigh.