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Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Strange Stuff

I have had so much fun with clothes since I started being able to actually wear cute clothes again. I've released my inner fashonista and I'm loving it. As most of my readers know, I've been quite blessed to have virtually my whole wardrobe given to me by a woman a little ahead of me on my weight loss journey. Most of the remainder has been purchased at thrift stores and consignment. A very small percentage was actually purchased by me at a retail store, but even then I didn't pay full price.

I have been saving any 'found' money for a huge shopping spree when I get to my goal weight. I've also been consigning my clothes once they get too large for me to continue to wear and saving that money as well. It is time to do another closet purge for the spring consignment, in which I participate. I've been happily moving clothes to sell to a particular section of the closet so that I can just grab those quickly to tag & deliver. It has been fun.

Emphasis on 'has been', somehow I'm having a harder time moving clothes to the too large section. I'm a little puzzled by that. I have no emotional attachment to these clothes, like I would for a bridesmaid's dress perhaps. Obviously, they cost me little to nothing, so there is no financial attachment. In fact, there is financial gain in store for me once they get to the consignment store. That is usually a big plus for my frugal nature. Somehow, though, I'm wanting to hang on to these clothes.

In fact today, I'm wearing a skirt that is too big in the waist. It falls at least an inch below my waist, so that my slip shows at the top. I have my shirt untucked and a sweater over that so that no one knows. BTW, I have a camisole and undershirt tucked in the waist (it is freakishly cold here) and it is still too large. I know that this skirt needs to go in the consignment sale, but I don't want to put it there. Why? I don't know.

Anyone got any ideas? What sort of mental battle is this? I'm stumped. This is an issue that I never foresaw.


  1. I cant say I have any ideas on this really, but I will hazzard a guess. You have come along way. Allot of hard physical & mental work involved with your succeess. While glad to be here, you are not immediately wanting to let go of memories of where you were. Not because you want to go back there, but rather you want reminders of what it was like there so you do not go back there.

    Perhaps a stretch, perhaps not?

  2. I can't wait to have that problem! :) GOOD FOR YOU!

  3. I don't get it, but I've been there too. I'm so excited when I see the new fashions at the stores & knowing that I can already fit into "regular" clothes - but part of me wants to hang on to my "favs" that are too big for me! Ugh. At our TOPS group, we've had clothing swaps which at first was difficult for me to give to - because I might see someone else wearing my favs - but then I got some great things given to ME and it got easier. Maybe when we can't see the new yet we hang on to what we know??
    Good job!

  4. Patrick,
    You may have hit one something with the reminders. Sometimes, I have a hard time remembering that I'm not as large as I once was. I didn't save any of those really big clothes so that I could pose for the picture with the waist band all pulled out. As a result, I have no tangible reminders.

    I know I probably sound a bit whiny. I'm not, just surprised. I remember reading blogs of people ahead of me on this journey and thinking the very same thing. You'll get there!

    I love the TOPS clothes swap. What a great idea!

  5. Lori,
    The ideas listed are very good ones. I wonder if these clothes hold any sentimental value as clothes that you wore as you "became" the new Lori. They could be a symbol of what and who you are becoming.