Total Weight Loss

Thursday, February 3, 2011

Victory Thursday

I want to get back to focusing on the victories associated with weight loss rather than focusing on the number on the scale. It is no secret that I've struggled with that magic number, and although I thought I was setting a more realistic one this time, I'm still far too focused on it. So...even though the scales may not be reading what a like there have been some real positives this week.

The strangest, or most unexpected NSV was having to move the car seat forward a bit. MD65 (formerly J-boy, see below) and I each have the cars that we drive the most, but when we are together we most often use the car I drive. Although he's at least 8 inches taller than me, he doesn't mess with the seat settings unless we're on a very long trip. So when I got in the car yesterday and couldn't touch the pedals I was a little stunned. He hadn't been in that car since Sunday, and I'd driven Monday & Tuesday. Suddenly on Wednesday the pedals had moved a couple of inches. It took me a while to ferret this out, but I believe that my backside is not taking up as much room in the seat, and therefore not pushing me forward quite so much. When I sit back in the seat my feet are further away from the pedals now. Get it?

Then on the way home from work yesterday, it was raining very hard, and visibility was very low. I found myself sitting forward a good bit in the seat in order to see better. For some reason I looked down and saw my legs! There was no belly obstruction at all, just legs!! When I got home & out of the car, I kept looking down, as if this was some strange phenomenon that only took place in the car. I could see straight to the floor. I wondered if this is what women experience after having given birth. I was just so happy to see the floor.

The belly fat is definitely shrinking!!  It is possible that I'm actually building some muscle even.  Wouldn't that be great!?!?  It has been a good week, and I need to focus on that and not the number on the scale. Good things are happening.  :)


  1. Oh you're doing a cool kind of melting this winter! I want snlow to melt, and you are melting your mid section. Having proof the belly fat is hitting the road is indeed a sweet NSV.

  2. Hi--just found your blog.

    Congrats!!!Seeing our bodies look different is so cool, even if the scale doesn't happen to agree with us that day. I have spent far too long letting the number on the scale that day either crush or elate me--I finally had to get it out of the house and just weigh in at the gym :).

    Enjoying your blog--good luck with everything!

  3. That's a NSV I haven't heard before! Cool. I think your attitude about focusing on those is a great one.