Total Weight Loss

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Victory Thursday

My biggest victory for the week and for this journey, as been this blog. I got some insight into what was going on in my brain with the clothes. The support I feel is fabulous, and more importantly keeps me on track!

Another victory is that I feel thin. My legs feel positively skinny! I know that I have way to go to actually get to skinny town, but I'm happy for the feeling. It almost doesn't matter what the scale says when I feel so good about how I look. My weight is still well in to the world of the overweight with regard to my BMI. I know that and am not stopping or anything remotely like that. I'm just enjoying the feeling. I'm hoping the good vibes will carry me on down the scales to normal weight soon enough.

I still hate exercise, but I'm doing it. Perhaps my next challenge should be embracing the exercise rather than viewing it as a necessary evil like do now. But, I would recommend the stair stepper to anyone looking for a good piece of in home exercise equipment. I got mine at K-Mart for $29.99 in January at a half off sale. (Yes, I'm frugal to the core!) Even $60 isn't too much to spend however. It is small and easy to store under the bed or any other out of the way place. Unlike the elliptical which seemed like an dinosaur in the room it took up so much space. I keep mine parked in front of the TV. I don't have to move it because it isn't a high traffic area. I've had it for about a month now, and it still kicks my butt! Not really a victory, but maybe a good tidbit of information, and a bit of a payback for the support from yesterday.

Saturday, I'll post my weight and measurements. Tomorrow is my last day for the hcg program, so it is a good marker. I'm looking forward to seeing the figures, since I'm a geek that way! Come back and check it out.


  1. Lori, I am so excited at your enthusiasm. It just oozes through your words and I love it! I wasn't much help with the clothes thing as I'm not that much of a clothes horse, but looks like you got some good feedback. Keep up the good work - you've made so much progress since I've "known" you and it's being an encouragement to me to follow along with you through thick and thin (pun intended!).

  2. I am so happy for you my friend!!! Keep it up, you are doing great!! I think embracing exercise is a great idea. I know I had to get there because I will need to do it for the rest of my life. I just try to make my exercise time challenging and fun. It can happen!!!

    Keep focused!