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Saturday, August 18, 2012

I'm A Fraud!

Since losing weight, quite a few friends have asked for advice or told me that I inspired them to lose weight.  Despite my feelings of being a fraud, since I've fought these same pounds for far too long, my standard advise has been to take it slow and change one thing at a time.  Make it manageable and then it won't be so hard to sustain.

On my morning walk, I was thinking of one friend in particular.  She is a very busy mom to four young children and needs to trim down a few pounds.  She's not nearly as 'gross' as she perceives herself to be.  I had encouraged her to find one small thing to change and only focus on that.  When it becomes second nature find something else easy to do and build that success layer upon layer.  She is trying very hard and I am quite proud of her accomplishments.  I encourage her every chance I get.

After my walk, I checked on some of my blog friends.  I have a cyber friend that is working to make small improvements in her lifestyle as well.  As I was leaving a comment on a blog congratulating her on her accomplishment, I realized I needed to take my own advice.

I have just had a major life adjustment in leaving the corporate world to working from home.  It is the realization of a dream I've had for years.  While it is all good and I'm thrilled to be fulfilling a life long dream, there are some major adjustments going on.  I have been beating myself up over not being able to sustain my weight loss efforts at the same time.

For me, weight loss is a three legged stool.  All three must be in place, and in balance for optimal weight loss.  The three legs are:
  • Healthy eating
  • Exercise
  • Water
The eating plan and exercise plan may change, but all three legs are required for the stool to work.

I mistakenly thought that all three things would be easier once I was home and able to focus.  I was wrong.  Walking is much more deliberate now.  Even though I can do it any time, I must make the time.  It is easy to think I'll do that in a little while, but a little while never comes.  If I'm not walking what is the use of skipping the brownie and then why drink all that water when Icees are just $0.99.

Get the picture, I have really been struggling lately and frustrated with the struggle because I did not anticipate it.  I have been beating myself up and very much feeling like the fraud I mentioned earlier.  I mean really, I am.  I am giving out this very good advice and not taking it.  I am not being encouraging  to myself like I try to be for others.  I'd never talk to a friend the way I talk to myself.

No more!  I will not talk to myself in a way that is not encouraging.  I will take baby steps just like I advise all of my friends IRL and in cyberworld.  Beginning today the negative messages will be cut off.  They will not be entertained. 

Once I am good at recognizing and stopping those negative thoughts. I will replace them with a positive thought.  Then I'll look at each leg of my stool to make sure it is strong.  I'll start with water since it is the easiest.  BUT, I'm not going to get ahead of myself now and try to do everything at once.  Now is the time to stop the negative self talk.  I am not a fraud.  I am a human. I am doing the best that I can.


  1. you are awonderful loving woman who is kind and considerate to all. i'm happy and proud to call you friend and it's BECAUSE you're human and you struggle that i admire and am inspired by you! dont expect more of you than you do others, we're all in this together! i was acxtually having a bit of the same issue writing my blog, who am i still struggling to give advice to other and my answer was someone in the trenches fighting this on a daily basis with years of experience at winning and losing and regaining and failing and it's those lessons good and bad that make me/you the perfect one to share with others!

  2. Lori, this is where it is tough because I have to practice tough love and tell you this will not get any easier. The more "comfortable" you become with setting your own schedule, the easier it will be to fritter away the day. Set a schedule for your walking, your working, your domestic stuff, etc. and unless providentially hindered, stick to it. If I haven't walked by noon, chances are, it ain't gonna get done! You can do this - I know you can!

  3. The work we must do is not easy, the struggles we must endure are not easy. Nobody ever said this will be easy, and certainly all here agree it is not. We find help that makes it all just a tad easier in many small forms. For me, when I am honest with myself, I find it in treating myself positively. Sounds goofy, but, if we are negative with ourselves; our body responds negatively. We owe it to ourselves to be positive because we deserve a positive mind, body & soul.

  4. :) I had to practice being nice to myself today. I drank my water, but I didn't get to do my planned dusting OR 1-mile walk because we ended up being out of town for 6 hours. That kinda put a HUGE dent in my day. I appreciate your eagerness to always post kind, uplifting words!

  5. I have a different take on being home vs in the workplace while trying to maintain healthy lifestyle. While it's true that it's not easy, as Sharon says, it working on your lifestyle from home rather than in the workplace has many advantages IFF you choose to use them. 1) The evil vending machines (which were my nemisis) are nowhere in sight. If there is junk food calling out to you from your home, that is entirely your choice. 2) You are not chained to your desk and schedule. You can decide that keeping a commitment to exercise is essential and schedule it in. 3) The staff room, or whatever you call the room where everyone brought in cookies, or chips, or leftover Halloween candy etc is NOT just around the corner at your house. Again YOU make the decisions about what foods you have in your environment.
    Enough preaching, Lori. You CAN do this. I know it. You're in a good place now. Take advantage. Check the 3 legs of your stool and keep on doing it. Hugs.

  6. Try carbonated water instead. Drinking regular water will slow down your metabolism.