Total Weight Loss

Thursday, August 30, 2012


My long time readers may remember that I love pickles.  For my more recent readers, here's a recap.  I love pickles.  I make my own dill pickles using a recipe that my grandmother used and a couple of aunts taught me the technique.  65MD grows cucumbers and dill in the yard for me.  I get enough most summers to last until the next summer.  This year my uncle had some extra cucumbers so I should have enough to last more than a year.

I don't really feel bad about loving dill pickles.  They are cucumbers soaked in vinegar, salt and dill.  I really think they should count as a vegetable.   If that were the case, I'd have no trouble getting in all my veggies every day!

I made the first batch of pickles this summer on June 29.  They need to soak at least six weeks to get good and sour.    The longer they sit the better.  I cracked open a jar the other day and was not disappointed with the outcome.  This particular jar was a pint sized jar with whole cucumbers in it.  I think there were 4.  I ate them all, with a little mustard on them.  That was my supper - a pint of dill pickles.  Anyone care to guess what happened this morning?

My weight was up 2 pounds.  Yeap, I'd finally squeezed of two pounds this week only to put it back on over night.  I cut down on the salt this year, hoping to negate this issue a bit.  Sadly, it didn't help.  My hands are so swollen, I can feel my rings.  I know this is just temporary.  And, I know I only have myself to blame.  I'm still chugging the water today, hoping that in the morning that two pounds will be gone for good.  Alas!


  1. LOL, poor thing! Those are the days that I hate the scale. With WW, pickles ARE considered a veggie. Haha Hopefully the water does its job today and you are 2 lbs lighter again in no time! ;)

  2. ouch! i too love dill pickles mainly the juice when i was a kid i used to drink all the juice and leave dry pickles if my mama didnt watch me like a hawk!

  3. Sometimes when I'm into pickles, I just can't stop. So I can totally relate. In fact, now I'm craving them, LOL. Keep chuggin' that water. :)