Total Weight Loss

Monday, August 27, 2012

Monday Mileage

Last week I walked 57,292 steps. My goal was 60,000.  I got much closer this week than last.  Progress is progress.  For the year, I have walked 609 of the 1,000 miles I hope to walk.  I'm getting better at being a little more deliberate about how I spend my time.  I'm pleased with my progress.  I think I will only continue to improve.

I had a great week last week with all three legs of my weight loss stool.  I was fearful that my birthday weekend would get me off track completely.  I am pleased with the choices I made and am totally back on board this morning.

I had a few indulgences but most of the time opted for the healthy choices.  For example, my extended family took me to lunch yesterday after church.  We went to a place that has an endless buffet. On Sundays, there are breakfast options along with meat and sides.  There is a decent salad bar as well.  I knew without looking that the meat options would be battered and fried.  The side dishes would be largely carbohydrates like rice, various potato options, corn, etc.  Breakfast would include traditional options like bacon, sausage & eggs along with pancakes, biscuits, toast, cinnamon rolls and the like.  It is possible to make healthy selections in a situation like that but I know myself well enough to know that I could start out making good choices and maybe even continue to get the best options, but not likely.  Furthermore, no matter what I ate, it would be too much.  So, I ordered off the menu.

I ordered first, so that I would not be swayed by everyone else.  They all got the buffet.  I had made up my mind to get unsweet tea as an indulgence.  I forgot and asked for water!  I was half way through my meal before I had that realization.  I got a chef salad without dressing.  That wasn't a hard decision since I really don't care for salad dressing. I really enjoyed my salad and didn't have any kind of food envy for those eating biscuits and gravy or pancakes.  In fact, my sister said she wished she'd gotten a salad like mine.  She didn't realize they were on the menu.

Of course my family told the server that it was my birthday so she brought me chocolate cake and ice cream.   The cake was dry so I ate only a few bites, but I did eat the ice cream.  I had been wanting some since Friday night.   I gave the cake to everyone else at the table and there was no protest from them!

Now, if I could only get the scales to cooperate.  They shot up significantly this morning.  I regained everything I lost during the week and picked up two more pounds.  That is really not good.  It is frustrating to say the least, but when I look back over the weekend I don't see much I would change.  I feel good in my head and that is where it counts the most.  I feel in the groove and am not spending any time beating myself up over the choices I made.  I'll get the weight back off and as I continue to make good choices it will become more and more natural.  It is already feeling that way.

On a personal note, 65MD is scheduled for surgery at 1:30 today CDT.  It should last about 1 1/2 hours.  After some recovery time, we should be able to come home.  I'd appreciate your prayers.  I'll post again as soon as I can.


  1. stress is a weight loss killer so i wouldnt worry about it! i'll be sendin prayers your way! xoxoxoxo

  2. Ironically, I am reading this post at 2:45 EDT so surgery should be in progress. Know some prayers were said just now. Let us know!

  3. Oh, I wish I had read this earlier before the surgery time. :-/ Hopefully he is out by now and in recovery already! Sounds like you did really great this weekend, indulgences and all!