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Thursday, May 26, 2011

An Award

05-05-11While I was out of town Joy gave me this award.  I've been remiss in acknowledging it, but I am now.  That's what matters, right?

I am supposed to tell seven things about myself and give the award to 15 friends.  Here goes:
1.  I am the middle child of three sisters.
2.  My mother still lives in the same house that my parents bought when my older sister was a baby.
3.  I have four nephews and one niece.
4.  A Mama Bear and a Baby Bear crossed the road right in front of 65MD and me when we were in the mountains last week.
5.  My oldest nephew will leave for Harvard Divinity School in the fall.  (I helped him write his entrance essay, I'm sure that was the tipping point for his acceptance!!!) 
6.  My family does not call me Lori.  (It could be one of 4 other names, but not Lori.  Sending Christmas cards can get quite confusing!)
7.  65MD is 8 years older than me.  I was 36 when I got married.  He was 44.

Fifteen Friends:
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Not all are weight loss related blogs, but I frequent all of them and enjoy them.


  1. Thank you!! I'm looking forward to checking out some of your blogs - I love finding some new "treasures"!

  2. Thank you! Funny how these things come in spurts. I will probably be a bit remiss myself and not get around to this until late next week at the earliest; the next several days are going to be crazy here!

    Someday I wish you'd explain the meaning behind 65MD.

  3. Karen,
    It stands for 65 Mustang Driver, which is what my husband wanted to be called in my blog. Here's the link where I explain in more detail.

  4. Great story. I've thought I needed a good blog name for my own husband... maybe I need to have readers suggest them!