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Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Bumps Along the Road

I've had a couple of bumps along the road lately. I'm doing my best to stay strong. I want to share what is going on right now.

First, 65MD's 21 year old son has moved back in with us while he finishes school. The time span will be measured in years not months. There are a lot of issues surrounding this that I'll refrain from enumerating. It is not a good situation and I am a stress eater. Get the picture? I've stayed on plan so far with not even any on plan cheating. This is going to be hard folks and I've got to come up with some coping skills before I do fall off the wagon. This is going to be hard on a lot of levels. I am going to need a lot of support. I don't plan to make this blog about household issues. If it gets bad, I'll start another blog called "The Wicked Stepmother" or something like that to vent my spleen.

Second, I've ruptured the tissue between my forefinger and my middle finger on my right hand. I am right handed. The rupture was likely caused from overuse (10-key, keyboard, etc.) because there was no trauma. So, I don't have a humorous story of how I hurt myself. The cure is to wear a brace that severely limits the mobility of those two fingers in addition to my ring finger. I mentioned that I'm right handed, right!?! I'll have to wear the brace for a month. I'll go back for a check then and I am already certain that I will be healed and be able to remove the brace. Because I am right handed.  All that to say, typing and therefore blogging is much more difficult. Once again, I'm determined not to let this get me down. After all, I'm not the one that will suffer. It is the poor souls trying to read decipher my blog entries that will have the most trouble.

The impact all of this has had on my weight loss so far is minimal. Yesterday my weight stayed the same and today I only lost 0.4. Since I'm on the hcg, that shouldn't be happening. I'm expecting to have a big loss soon that will catch me up or at least resume the normal weight loss pattern. We'll see soon enough.

Here are a couple of shots of the hand splint.


  1. Sorry for the frustrations in your life right now. Hugs.

  2. Lori, so sorry. I won't try to sugarcoat anything - you've got a tough road to hoe! I know you have family and probably scores of friends, but if I can ever help you in any way, I'm only two hours away and you know how to reach me!

  3. Oh dear, how miserable!! I hate braces and splints!! I hope you get better soon!!

    As for the kid thing...geez!! That is tough!
    If it were me, I would get all my systems in place, make sure I got done the things I need to do for myself and make sure to get plenty of rest. Exercise is a great stress reliever..Have you ever thought of trying boxing? Might work. I did a little shadow boxing and it is really fun!! Hand in there my friend!!!

    Keep focused!

  4. Ouch! Just to let you know that a few weeks ago my shoulder dislocated when I moved it up while driving (putting my arm on the armrest!) - what a boring story there too! :) It's been fine over the past week or so, but it hurt like you wouldn't believe! Oh and my left - I'm left-handed. Ugh, Ugh.
    Sorry about the 21yo issue - you're doing well though w/ planning for coping! That's a HUGE start. You're realizing that this will be difficult and you're making plans on how to cope! HUGE NSV (non-scale victory!). Pat yourself on the back (but don't hurt yourself! LOL)
    ((( hugs )))

  5. stay strong darlin, we're all rootin for you. if you need to vent just do it we all understand that EVERYTHING is related to weight loss. hope the hand heals quickly and best of luck! xoxoxoxo


    As a mother of grown sons (aged 35 & 36)who has experienced one of them moving in and out and in and out, I sympathize.

    Understand--I would die for my sons. I would. But, paleeeaassseee don't make me live with the younger one ever again. It was hideous. Man, could I write a post here. I'll just stop.

    And the finger inury. Talk about adding insult to injury. :o


    And thanks so much for stopping by my blog. Your comment was just what I needed to hear.