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Friday, May 6, 2011

In My Family...

We have Mother's Day, my mother's birthday and one nephew's birthday in 9 days. We love to celebrate and we've combined the three events in to one big celebration. Food is a large part of our celebrations. There is nothing worse in a southern hostess' life than running out of food for her guests so there is enough food for at least twice as many guests as anticipated. No worries there. We love leftovers too. It is great to have something to nibble on during the next few days to remind us of happy times.

I made a bit of a deviation from this pattern on Easter with a somewhat lighter fare and everyone was delighted. So, as my local sister and I planned Sunday's party, she said she wanted to keep the menu light like I did. She asked for garden fresh lettuce and asparagus with homemade dressings like before. I was so pleased that she made those suggestions.

I know better than to think that I've completely changed my family. It is probably more that this sister changed me, either way I'm glad. I'm glad that my family is in this together. Once very early in this journey my mother told me that "just a little wouldn't hurt." When I told her it would she agreed that I was right and she never said that again. I have a good family for which I am extremely grateful!!!

There will still be challenges on Sunday since she wants me to make the orange cheesecake again. I will but I don't think I'll eat any this time.  Been there done that.

I've just learned that creme brulee is on the menu for tonight. YIKES!! There's the challenge!


  1. Very impressive! Seems so much of family tradition and togetherness always involves food. Why is that? Showing love with food maybe?

  2. yeah i fell completely off the wagon the last couple of days, i'm off sat and sun , and of course there's a cookout and deserts galore planned for mothers day, but i'm gonna try just burgers and dogs no buns and skip the deserts. looks like we'll allbe workin out extra hard monday! lolololol

  3. I wish you strength tonight. The event we attended last evening was in such a gorgeous home on the lake that I found a spot on a patio porch swing and stayed put. I was mesmerized by the view and kind of(not totally)forgot about all the food.