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Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Just for Fun


  1. Huh. Lori, I think that was about the most obnoxious bit I've ever watched. People actually PAID to hear an obese guy burp continually while making fun of an obese female relative? Really? Has he looked in the mirror lately? Yuk.

    I watched it all the way to the end hoping for a redeeming end. Didn't happen.

    I'm assuming that you put it up here as an example of something that is not funny. (Althought putting a question mark after your title would make that intent clearer.) Like I said, yuk!

    I wonder if that's how youngsters saw me 60 pounds ago. :( No wonder I hated to go out in public.


  2. Deb,
    I probably should have provided a little more commentary.

    For me,when I saw that clip, it held up a mirror to me. That WAS me! After the initial shock, I was able to see the humor in it. Things like not starting a healthy eating plan because I wanted to go out to eat and thinking that my doctor was the cause of my problems and not me.

    I'm sorry it was hurtful to you, especially knowing that you are having such a hard time now.

  3. i'd never heard of him i'm more of a jerry clower, geoege carlin kinda guy! lolol i really didn't watch much it wasn't offensive but fat men creep me out (my issue i've blogged about it as my mirror cracked) i still feel like i'm that size in my gut/heart even if i know in my head i'm not! self image is a funny touchy thing aint it? everyone knows you're a doll and you're so kind i don't think i'd ever see you like he describes. i think lots of us have those gosh darn funhouse mirrors that distort hung in our homes! lolol have a great weekend hon! xoxoxoxoxoxoxo