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Saturday, May 14, 2011

A Fine Example

 I promised myself I would not let this blog become a complaint journal about my new living situation, but I just had to share what happened this afternoon.  It is the epitome of my life right now.

65MD and I went to the store to get some healthy snacks for our trip, and some easy heat & eat items for Son to prepare for himself while we are away.  When we went by the soft drinks, I suddenly decided to get some Cherry Coke Zero to take.  It would be my little indulgence to keep me from indulging in even worse choices.  As a general rule I avoid colas of all type, I don't want the sugar in the real ones and I don't want the artificial sweeteners in the diet ones.  That, and I think carbonation makes me retain water. 

Anyway, I got a 12 pack.  I asked MD65 if I should get more than one and he said that we had plenty.  I suspected that was right because just a few weeks ago I bought ten 12 packs.  The store I frequent had a buy two get three free special on Pepsi products.  I'm a Coke girl, so I knew they would not be tempting me.  I got an assortment of various types including Diet Wild Cherry Pepsi. 

So...we'd been home from the store for a while when S came in and wanted a Cherry Coke Zero.  His dad told him those were for our trip and to get one of the other types.  There are eight 12 packs in there including the diet cherry.  But, he wanted the Coke.  Somehow he has this innate ability to hone in on the one thing in the house that he can't have and then get all upset and say how mistreated he is because I buy all this stuff he can't have.

I bought ten 12 packs of Pepsi alone!  65MD was with me when the Coke purchase was made.  (Technically, he bought them because he scanned the card.)  He had the conversation with his dad, when he was told to get a different drink.  But - this is all my fault!  I don't know how, but it is.  I am a horrible, awful, no good person.  Just ask him.


  1. What is he, eight years old? Let him buy his own drinks if he wants them so badly! Don't you dare feel guilty.


  2. I agree with Deb! Don't feel guilty one bit. You have more than provided for him, and he has all that he needs. He shouldn't throw a tantrum just because he can't have what he wants. Have fun on the get away!

  3. Sounds like he needs to grow up. You'll be on holidays soon - just grit your teeth and keep smiling!

  4. Please free yourself of guilt. You are in the right.

  5. Kids!! They can get to you!!! Hold your ground and DO NOT feel guilty!

    Hey I gave you an award today - check it out!

    Keep focused!