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Sunday, October 23, 2011

Bad Karma???

During the first 48 hours on hcg the food plan is to "gorge."  Yes, that word is actually used.  The first couple of times I started a round of hcg, I would indeed pig out.  I'd go to the grocery store the day before and lay in supplies.  I'd get all sorts of decadent treats that I'd been denying myself and eat myself sick for two days.

Then I almost dreaded these days.  I felt almost obligated to eat candy and ice cream since they were soon to be forbidden.   But I am much more judicious now.  I'll think about a couple of things that I really, really want and have those things.

It worked out that this time a sweet friend from church is headed to Florida for the winter soon, so she asked us to go out to one of her favorite restaurants after church as a little farewell.  I thought this would work out well as one of my treats for the gorge season.  I ordered a BBQ chicken breast and added a salad and dessert for $2.99.  What a deal!

They brought out my salad first and I ate as the rest of the table chatted amicably.  Suddenly, I bit down on what I thought was an incredibly hard crouton, but realized almost as quickly that wasn't true.  I managed to discretely slip the hard object from my mouth only to discover it was a bit of porcelain!  My gasp got 65MD's attention and I handed him the bit.  I had my mouth full of salad but was afraid to swallow.  I could feel a bit of grit in my teeth.  He flagged down the nearest server, who quickly got the manager.  Now every one at the table knew what was going on.  I spat the bite of salad in to the napkin, and tried my best to rub the remaining grit from my teeth.

The manager of course was hugely apologetic and promptly brought out a fresh salad for me.  He comped my meal and dessert, and was all over himself with concern for my teeth and gums.  I assured him that I was OK, and had no serious injury.  I understood that stuff happens, and not to worry.  He had to complete an accident report and someone from the corporate office is supposed to call me this week.

Then our food came out.  My order was wrong.  It was totally the wrong dish!  Well, maybe not totally, it was a chicken dish.  I was embarrassed to send it back after causing such a scene earlier, but this was my one indulgence, and I had thought it through before ordering.  Once again the manager was back at our table apologizing.  There wasn't much more he could do since my meal was already comped.  (Oddly, I had to pay for my tea.)  The young lady serving us was as sweet and attentive as she could be.  We left an extra large tip for her since she was a victim of circumstance too.

I hope now that life is finished messing with me for a while.  I'd really like to get back to my regular boring life, please.  It was a strange and embarrassing experience to say the least.  I've had enough of those for a while, thank you.


  1. Oh I don't like it when things happen like that! I hope there is no damage!

    Keep focused!

  2. Geez!!! What a tough experience!!!

  3. Omgosh! Can't a lady just order a good meal these days? :) Good luck with the HCG! Sometimes I still long for the gorge days... lol

  4. Sorry you treat meal didn't go as planned! :( Love to hear how you're more picky with your gorge days now, that really shows that you've developed a more healthy view of food! :)