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Thursday, October 27, 2011

A Little Happy

I'm starting day four of the low calorie portion of hcg today. Mostly that means that I am peeing a river and thinking about strange foods that would never enter my consciousness otherwise. I'm rewarded by seeing the scale move down though. I know if I continue to pee and fight the brain battle, the scales will continue to slip right on down. Soon enough, I'll start noticing that my clothes are getting loose and that's the part I like.

Right now though, I am an embarrassingly long way from my low weight this summer, and my clothes are tight. In the morning, I look for the skirt that is the biggest or has elastic in the waist. That's OK. I knew that would be the case, and I prepared myself to deal with it mentally. I knew I'd have to hang in there and be strong for longer than typical to get to the fun part. This is probably the biggest reason that I delayed, to prepare myself mentally for the challenge.

Imagine my surprise then last night when 65MD asked if I'd noticed any changes yet. I told him that I hadn't and I wasn't really expecting to just yet. Then I asked him if he had noticed any changes. He said "yes" which totally astonished me. I didn't push it though, by asking what the changes were. I was afraid he'd say something weird like my eyes looked clearer. I knew I'd enjoy the compliment more if I made up the rest. I was right, I am. I've been thinking about it ever since.

I love those little unexpected rays of sunshine that peep through every now and then. They really keep me going.

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  1. Love it - about adding your own to DH's compliment! ;) Good for you! Do whatever it takes to win this battle!