Total Weight Loss

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

I Feel Good

I feel good this morning. It is because I have taken control back. I know that the days ahead won't be easy. Yesterday wasn't, but it will be worth it. Yesterday, images of foods that are currently off limits, danced in my head. I shut them down by reminding myself that I opted not to eat those things when I could on the 'binge' days, so I really didn't want them now either. The mind is a funny thing.

Once the weight starts dropping off, that will be its own reward and it will get easier. For now, I will remember how good the feeling of control is. I will think about how much better my body feels from just 24 hours ago. The floppiness is going away and that hot little body inside is emerging. OK...the smaller, more toned body is emerging. At any rate, I'm on my way. That is the important part.


  1. Yeah! And I agree... that mind thing. Yep. I love how when we are in control, we feel great. And momentum builds.

  2. I was just reading over some of your recent posts and wow, you sound a lot like me. About your heart not being in it and not wanting to waste the hcg, about thinking you'd implode if you failed. I felt the same way.

    I am glad you are feeling better now! All we can do is keep trying. You can do this, and so can I :)

  3. Sounds like you have a good start, and that you've got your head with you! Love your attitude! :)

  4. WOO HOO! and yeah you for taking back control. you can and will do this you are an incredibly smart and courageous woman and YOU CAN DO ANYTHING! xoxoxoxoxoxoxo