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Wednesday, February 29, 2012

17 Day Diet Report

I started the 17DD on Monday as planned.  I was mentally ready.  For me, getting my mind in the game is the biggest factor for success.  So on Monday I had my food planned and ate just as I should.  During the afternoon, I began to feel something akin to hunger.  It wasn't a stomach growling, I must eat sort of feeling, just an emptiness in my stomach. 

I must say, I sort of liked that feeling.  It was not a bad feeling.  It made me realize that I'd taken back control when it came to food.  I had, too often over the last few days, felt overfull and bloated.  I much prefer the lighter feeling.  I began to think about how that would make a good blog post but I never could quite articulate it well enough to make a full post of it.  I liked it and I was glad.

Yesterday, I planned my food much as I had on Monday.  Whn I find something that works for me and I stick with it.  This is one of those areas I plan to address, but not right now,  :)  During the afternoon, I got hungry but not like Monday.!  My stomach was growling loudly.  It was embarrassing.  I had nothing for a snack at work, so I had to just tough it out.  I drank and drank water trying to keep my stomach from being completely empty.

Both of these experiences led me to believe that I really don't know the right amount of food satisfies me.  With the hcg, my food was very strictly controlled and the hunger was managed by the hormone.  With low carb, I kept nuts around for a little snack here and there.  With this plan, I've got to be a little more deliberate.  There is nothing I can stash in my desk drawer for those little 'emergencies.'

Today, I have made a few tweaks like adding protein and spreading things out a bit.  I'll see how that works and make adjustments as needed.  So far, the scales have responded favorably, but I'm not saying until after the full 17 days have elapsed. 

Now if I could just get my sinuses and the weather to cooperate, I'll be in fine shape.

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  1. Lori, try having your last fruit with your last probiotic at 2 (since we aren't supposed to have either of those after 2) and see if that helps tide you over till supper. Until I got past the cravings, mid-afternoon was hardest for me as well. Another option is a few ounces of sauteed chicken tenders or turkey. I think the hit of protein will take care of it. Within five days, I was past that and not needing anything between lunch and dinner.