Total Weight Loss

Monday, February 6, 2012

Monday Mileage

I have just over 75 miles logged so far this year.  I had a personal best on Friday with nearly 3 miles!  Although the scales have stalled a bit, I'm feeling thinner.  I'm also thinking that I look thinner.  I do NOT think I am building muscle because I'm not really doing anything to make that happen.  Wii fit boxing will get my heart rate up if I push myself, as does the hula hoop and some of the other 'games' but I'm not doing anything weight bearing.  I think my body is just going through one of those weird anomalies.  I've got my plan and I'm working it.  The scales will catch up.

I think I'm going to encounter more and more of these anomalies as I approach my goal.  That's one reason I decided to let the weekly weight report go.  Being healthy is what is most important, although looking nice is a pleasant side effect.


  1. Good for you on your mileage. It's nice to have a goal and to keep track--thank you for getting us started. Glad you're feeling upbeat about your plan. I'm there too. We WILL do this!

  2. WOO HOO! so glad the non scale victories keep coming, after all the scale is simply a tool to use on your journey! xoxoxoxoxo