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Monday, February 20, 2012

Monday Mileage

As of the end of the day yesterday, I have just over 106 miles.  Yeah baby, I broke the 100 mile barrier!  I had another personal best day of 9229 steps, which for me is over 3 miles.

I am proud of myself.  I have set little goals, like 3000 steps before lunch and 6000 before leaving work.  Most of the time I meet those goals, although not all of the time.  Once I get to the point that those little goals are too easy, I'll bump them up.

All of us are keeping each other excited about the challenge.  I've never participated in anything like this before.  I've always kept my diet and fitness goals to myself.  I was too afraid of failure and displaying it to everyone else.  I feel like this is a huge breakthrough with those perfectionistic tendencies I have. 

I set myself out there with a fairly lofty goal.  I'm slowly, slowly working towards it, but I'm not 'on pace' with where I thought I should be.  That's OK.  I understand now, that this is a process.  I'll work up to more and more steps which will add up to more and more miles.  I could walk 1000 miles this year.  It is possible.  It is also possible that I don't.  That is OK too.  The important thing is personal growth.  That is happening.


  1. You are doing great!!! Keep it up!!

    Stay focused!

  2. Your exercise achievements make me feel tired lol.

  3. I think it's the neatest thing that you are doing this as part of a group. That's always uplifting and will be something you'll always share.

  4. Good job on the mileage, Lori. That's what I do. Set myself incremental goals. I've sure learned that sitting in front of the computer screen doesn't add on steps! Neither does reading.
    Can't wait until bike weather is here for good--then the miles will start piling up!

  5. one step and one pound at a time. you're doin it and i'm so very proud to be sharing this journey with you!