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Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Another Shopping Experience

I had a gift card that was expiring soon so I decided to go shopping on Saturday and spruce up my wardrobe.  The only thing I needed was a slip, so I had a blank slate as far as what I wanted to explore.  I thought I'd start looking at the size 12 or M, since I really don't know my size, even without considering all the vanity sizing going on these days.  The first thing that caught my eye was a purple and black leopard print blouse.  Alas, it was a size 6.  It would be too small. I looked at it, I thought that maybe it would fit.  It seemed to be the size of the clothes I'm currently wearing.  I took it to the dressing room and lo & behold, it fit!  I wound up not buying it as it really didn't do much for me on, so I kept looking.

I had a vague notion that I'd like one of those long sweater tops and some leggings.  Now is a good time of year to buy winter clothes since they're usually marked down.  I ventured over to that rack and got even more confused.  I finally selected several options in sizes S, M & L.  They all looked bad!  That is not a style my body is meant to wear, so back to the drawing board...

I'll spare all the boring details about everything I tried on, but at some point I stopped looking at sizes and just tried to decide if it would fit by holding it up.  I was at a major retailer, not a consignment store or thrift store.  It was totally bumfuzzling!

This is what I would up with, how it fit and the size:
*Black dress, with a fitted bodice; it fit a little tight; it was a size 10
*Royal blue dress; it fight tight; it was a size 14
*Black gold scoop necked dress: fit perfectly and looked great; it was a Large
*Funky retro v-neck top; fit perfectly; it was a Medium
*Gold, button up collared blouse; it fit loose, so loose I looked to see if I'd picked up a maternity top!; it was a Small

Yes, I bought clothes size 10, 14, small, medium & large!  What is a girl to do!?!?


  1. I went shopping once. Took 3 tops into the dressing rooms. All made by the same people. One was too big. One was too small. One was just right so I bought it lol lol. Sizes are crazy things.

  2. What is a girl to do? Why she is to try everything on, buy what she likes and remove the size label immediately after getting the purchase home...Unless you like the size on the label, then keep it!