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Wednesday, July 14, 2010

I Ate a Tomato!!

Yes, I did.  One of the ladies having lunch in the kitchen at work at the same time as me, had a fresh tomato from her garden.  There were a few of us in there and a discussion ensued about garden fresh tomatoes vs. store bought tomatoes.  Everyone that ate tomatoes, was in agreement that garden fresh were the best.  This same lady told us that her husband had insisted that he didn't like tomatoes until he ate one fresh from their garden.  I allowed as to how I was hoping that would happen for me this summer, since oddly, I have always wanted to like tomatoes.  Something about the slimy, tartness has always been off putting to me.  I joked that I might not get to since the squirrels were getting ours while they were still green. 
I said I was happy to let the squirrels have the tomatoes as long as they left the cucumbers alone.  I need my pickles.  (Which by the way turned out to be a great big YUM!)  The tomatoes are the first plants the squirrels get to, since they are at the edge of the garden.  So far, for the most part, they've been satisfied with them, and haven't ventured further in to get anything else.  I think it is a fair trade. 
As the conversation continued, this lady began eating her tomato and exclaiming how this was the absolute best tomato ever in the whole world.  It was at the peak of flavor.  She insisted that I have a taste.  I was reluctant because I didn't want to gag in front of everyone.  I knew I'd have to swallow whatever I put in my mouth.  With much encouragement from the others in the kitchen, I relented.  My delay had only served to draw more attention to the whole situation, so I had quite a gallery of spectators when I finally took the nibble she'd cut for me.
I chewed and swallowed, and I am disappointed that the slimy tartness was still there.  The tomato was completely unadorned, no salt or pepper, etc.  I think I could get over the tartness with a little spice, like maybe garlic.  The slime is still an issue.  I do know that the tomato I tasted would have made some killer salsa.  At least I tried, right?

I've had three good on plan days.  It is amazing how freeing that can be.


  1. way to try it!! At least you can now say maybe in salsa or maybe with garlic. Figure out whatever combo gets you to eat veggies is good right (except cheese and butter loaded haha) I like tomatoes with cottage cheese (it's weird) or with salt!

  2. My Dad used to put cottage cheese on a tomato, but I think his favorite way was to put fresh corn on top of it. I don't think I'm going there. I have this thing about keeping my food apart...another food weirdness, I know.

  3. You tried, don't make yourself force the issue. I love tomatoes, Mr. B hates them and for exactly, the same reason you do. In fact, he uses the same word, "slimy" that you did. There are too many other good things to eat. We're all adults here - wise enough to decide what we like and what we don't. Right??

    Three days?? Way to go, girl!! Make it week!

  4. Thanks for letting me off the hook, Sharon. J-boy suggested that I research various types of tomatoes to find ones that aren't so tart & slimy. I jut don't feel it!