Total Weight Loss

Friday, July 2, 2010

Still Hard

I'm still having a hard time. I get so frustrated when I'm on plan but not seeing the results. It is so hard to stay mentally tough and break through those plateaus. Only, I don't think this is a plateau. I think I've messed up someplace with my eating and I'm not aware of it. I'm eating something that I think is a good choice and it isn't, or there is some hidden sugar or other evil in the food and I don't know about it. I prepare all the food that I eat, so the hidden sugar or whatever would have to be in a seasoning. So, I think I must have some misinformation from someplace about what I'm eating.

Yesterday, I had a whopping 0.4 lb loss after my mini-binge Tuesday night. I was really expecting more. (I know I have a problem with expectations!!) This morning no loss at all. Today for a couple of reasons, I am fasting. One reason is to 'cleanse' my body. Hopefully, whatever I'm eating that is messing me up will be washed away with all the water. And I am expecting a loss in the morning. I don't expect to be back down to 177.8, where I was last week, but I do expect a pound or more.

Saturday part of my family is planning to celebrate our country's independence by having a picnic. I'm not to worried about that. I've made up my mind about what I'm going to eat, and no one there will try to push food on me that I don't want. Another benefit is that it is pot luck so I will bring food that I can eat. But, I do have a mini issue on the horizon that makes me anxious to drop as much weight as possible.

I am planning to visit a family member that lives out of town next week. I will be leaving early Tuesday morning and be back late Thursday evening, so it will be almost three full days. Other than the travel time, which will be by plane, meals will be in the home of this relative. This relative is a healthy individual and has healthy meals, but the trip is a surprise (as is probably evident by all the references to "this relative") so, I'm not sure how prepared this relative will be for the extra guest and may decide this is a good time to order pizza, etc. I'm preparing myself mentally for no loss next week. The trip will definitely be worth a no weight loss week.

My problem is, that will make three weeks with no loss, perhaps even a gain. I'm tired of wasting my time. I'm tired of feeling half starved all the time for no good reason. If I'm going to gain, I might as well enjoy it! UGH!!! Why isn't eating fresh wholesome food straight from my garden not working!! I"m not frying anything, nothing is even cooked in butter. When I saute anything I use no stick spray.

I'm tired. I am so tired of analysing every morsel of food that passes my lips. I'm tired of wondering if I should fidget more while I'm at work to burn just a few more calories. I'm tired of feeling like I'm somehow abnormal. I just want to eat/move/live like the rest of the world, or at least the part that isn't always obsessed with food & exercise. Is that too much to ask?

Maybe I'll gain some perspective while I'm away next week. It will be great to be with family next week. Remember the relative has no idea, so don't say anything. OK?


  1. I know exactly what you are saying and just how frustrating it is. I was on Medifast and stopped losing...even gained a few weeks. I is this possible? I am exercising and doing everything right. This is a MEDICAL plan my dr put me on and I am failing???? Well, come to find out I was not eating enough! Medifast was about 800-1000 calories a day. When I ate a little more I lost! Eventually I had enough of not losing and gaining weight and gave it up. I was exercising and decided to start counting calories. I started at 1200 calories and started to lose again. Then I stayed the same for a few weeks. So I did some research(lots actually) and determined I was still not eating enough for what my resting metabolic rate should be. Soooooo...I increased again to 1300-1400 calories a day and guess what!? Movement on the scale the right direction! I guess I wasnt getting enough fat or calories. As soon as I added some calories (I even had pizza and ice cream but counted the calories) and I started losing again. If you want more info I could forward you the site I found that told me how many calories I should be eating at a minimum to make sure my body doesnt go into starvation mode (which it must have been). I blogged all about my experience too. Hang in there. You will find that "sweet spot" of calories in/calories out. I never wanted to EVER count calories in my life, but it I continue on :)


  2. Jennifer,
    Please send me the link. Ya gotta do whatever works, huh?