Total Weight Loss

Thursday, August 19, 2010

And So It Begins...

About three weeks ago I blogged as to how I had three weeks with no big challenges on the horizon. I was determined to make the best of the situation and really drop the pounds. I didn't. It isn't that I wasn't on plan. I was. It just didn't happen. During that time period, I have gained 4.8 lbs!!!! Stunned is the word I'd use to describe how I feel about this. It was definitely not my expectation.

Now, my three weeks of freedom from eating challenges is over. I am looking down the barrel of the busiest party season of the year rivaling only the Thanksgiving/Christmas season.

*Tonight is the university wide faculty reception for J-boy's employer. It is a fancy stand up dinner. That means little bites of food that you can eat with your fingers, and generally does not mean healthy things. I'm hoping for a fruit plate that I can use for the mainstay of my meal. BTW, I hardly know these people, so it is hard to mingle. Academics are a little weird too.

*Wednesday is my birthday, which means various birthday celebrations with family. Those will probably be the easiest since my family is hugely supportive and will go eat or prepare whatever I want.

*Friday is the college of business faculty reception once again for J-boy. This will be BBQ at a fellow professor's house. I'll have to save calories to accommodate that meal. That will be relatively easy since I know the exact menu.

*September 5 is J-boy's birthday, which once again means various birthday celebrations with family. See above for my planned coping mechanism.

*September 11 is our anniversary. Generally, we go out for a very nice restaurant meal, one that we ordinarily wouldn't spring for. We haven't decided yet. a little more than 3 weeks, I will have at least 7 occasions to indulge, or over indulge as the case may be! I know myself well enough to know that if I make up my mind not to eat anything I shouldn't I won't. Then if I don't lose weight,or at least maintain, I'll be all frustrated. It is so easy to think that a particular food is reasonable, and eat it, only to learn later that is wasn't for some reason. That really frustrates me, and I begin to think things like "I could have eaten that ______!" Fill in the blank probably with something sweet. Once again I am afraid and this time a little angry because of my performance these past three weeks.

I have a difficult road to travel for the short term. I want to do well. I need to do well. I want to succeed. I need to succeed. I have to know that I can make this work for the long haul. I think if I can stand firm now, I can do it. I need all the support I can get right now. Hang on for the ride!! I hope this doesn't get ugly.


  1. Hi Lori,

    I too have had a lot of eating occasions lately. I just do the best I can. If I know I'm going out at night, I make sure I have a really clean food day. Then just before I leave I have my afternoon snack and water, to take the edge off of hunger. I also try to google the restaurant's menu or calorie guide and if I can find the information I need, I will make my food choice before I get there.

    My hubby and I just celebrated our 23rd wedding anniversary and we could not decide where to go. After much discussion we decided that we would stay home and make our own food. Tastes better, we know how it was made and we had a lot of fun preparing it together. It was an amazing meal!!

    Don't stress my friend, use the tools you have and just do the best you can!!


  2. Lori, Let's do this together. I was afraid to weigh this morning and my post later is going to be titled, "Face the Music." The only difference between us is I know exactly how I've gained weight and I'd say it's more than 4.8 pounds. Too many church ladies bringing in food and standing there watching us eat it. I also have one of those school faculty events Thursday night. Mine is formal and I have to feel comfortable in that black dress. That should give me some incentive!

    I know we can do this.