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Thursday, August 26, 2010

The Best Laid Plans

...often go awry. And they did. I had my meals planned for the day to accommodate a particular meal at the restaurant we'd chosen. I had considered calories and cost and believed I had made the most of both factors. As soon as we'd taken our seats J-boy told me that I should order based on what I wanted to eat, and not to worry about the best deal or calories. I am not blaming J-boy at all. He was wanting to unburden me and allow me the freedom to celebrate my birthday unfettered by the two things I use so often to bind myself. Besides I think it turned out nicely.

I was easily swayed and changed my order completely. I ate until I was satisfied and quit. I asked for a take out box for the rest. I now have it for another meal, as I ate about half. The biggest problem I had was the free dessert. There is no choice in desserts, it is an ice cream 'sundae'. I put sundae in quotes because is was just three scoops of vanilla ice cream covered, and I do mean covered in hot fudge sauce and then some whipped cream. My idea of a sundae involves more goodies than that, but again, maybe it was a good thing.

I was completely satisfied and feeling good about my decision to get a to go box. I really could have eaten more, so it was a bit of a struggle not to have a few more nibbles. When the server brought out the ice cream I asked for a spoon for J-boy. He didn't object. I dug in. I didn't wait for him, after all it was my birthday. Imagine my surprise when I put my spoon in the middle of that pile of chocolate, right in the middle of it, and came up with only sauce. I thought surely there was a brownie or something else substantial down there. Undeterred, I put that in my mouth and swallowed, and dug in for more. Once I realized that there was only ice cream, hot fudge & whipping cream, I ate several bites of it and let J-boy finish up.

Bottom line, I ate too much. My weight was up this morning as a witness to that fact. The good news in all of this is, I ate less. The 'damage' I did was minimal by comparison to year's past. I'm back with the plan now and I want to stay on plan. Tomorrow is another faculty do-dah for J-boy and I'm almost dreading it, thinking I have to go off plan again!?!??? How weird is that??? (I really don't have to go off plan. I know the menu and I've already plugged it in to sparkpeople for tomorrow, but I'd much rather have a nice fruit plate.)


  1. We can commiserate together - I'm headed to one of those faculty deals myself and am NOT happy about it. I'm not a great mixer and mingler to start with and when you add the stress of food to it, I don't even want to think about it. But I better be thinking - we have to leave in 45 minutes and I'm still sitting here in shorts & a t-shirt. Can you tell I'm excited?????

  2. Good luck tonight, Sharon. I'm not a good mingler either, I see these people once a year, or less. I don't know what to talk about. That is beside the fact that most academics are a little odd; our husbands excluded!!

  3. I am glad you at least saw a sliver lining that you did eat less...I think its always good to draw a positive out of every situation...beating yourself up just takes too much energy!
    Things will get better every time : )