Total Weight Loss

Saturday, August 28, 2010

Saturday Scale Says

Today the scale read 181.4.  I'm not happy about registering yet another gain, but it was expected with the week I had last week.  The week ahead will be much easier.  There is only one party this week.

The plan for the week is to stay on the program, work in the calories for the lone party this week, and exercise like crazy.  I'll get there.  I'm still only 36 pounds from my goal.


  1. My Friend,

    It's a new day, just get back to what you know and work it with intensity!!!

    Keep pushing ~ You are almost there!! So proud of you!!!


  2. Hi, Lori! First of all, HAPPY BIRTHDAY!! ((hug))

    I'm totally feeling for you, Lori. Party seasons are so hard. I do like you and pray for fruit/veggie platters. *sigh*

    You can do it, my friend!!

    Love, Grace

  3. Hey my Friend,

    I just gave you a blog award. Check it out at