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Saturday, June 4, 2011

A Quick Catch Up

I feel like I've spent the better part of two months catching up on this blog.  I had a couple of planned absences and a couple of unplanned.  I'm hoping both are over for the summer.  I don't have any more trips planned until September and I don't have any more sisters!  ;-D

My older sister has progressed on her house to the point that she's comfortable enough to go on a mission trip. 

My younger sister is back at home now.  The baby seemed to be fine when they left the ER, but being non verbal it is hard to know for sure.  He began having seizures and had to be readmitted to the hospital.  The doctors think the trauma of the accident triggered them.  He's medicated now and is much better.  My sister felt strong enough yesterday to return to the scene of the accident, by picking up her older son at school.  She was nervous, especially when she heard the school bus engines, but she was tough and made it through.  They have one more week of school and she'll be able to make it.

I had a good week with both eating and exercise.  I feel like I hit all of my targets every day, but the scales were stubborn all week.  My low weight for the week was 173.2 and my high weight was this morning of 174.4!!  It is frustrating to say the least.

Even though, I'm proving my own theory of 'immunity' to one plan after a period of time, it is still hard to know I've done everything right and have not been rewarded by a loss at all!  I had secretly hoped that I'd be doing so well on low carb, that I'd do another week on it.  Of all the plans I do, I like this one best.  But, I'm switching to the hcg today as planned.  I had just hopped to get back to my pre-trip weight by now and have this be 'new' loss.  I'll do this for three weeks, and I'm not secretly hoping to add another week!!  I am however, hoping to blast through this plateau and drop some major pounds.  I'd really, really like to get to  100 pounds gone during this time.  That is only 12 new pounds.  I'll find out soon enough.

In trying to re-frame this in the most positive light, I think I've found a way of eating going forward that will be comfortable and easy to incorporate in to my life style.  In the meantime, I'll do what I need to do to get to my goal.  I'll do my best to be more regular with my posting, so that I don't have to update.


  1. Glad things have settled down and you're back in your groove.

    175 has been a tough weight for me. Since I began this latest weight loss extravaganza, I've hit 175--and even a bit below for about 10 minutes--several times. Several times. :{

    I see 175 and something happens that causes me to bolt in the wrong direction.

    I'm hoping that this time down the highway, I pass 175 and keep on going till I hit goal! I'm hoping it for you, too. :D


  2. good for you sweetie glad the family is ok, been prayin! you'll figure it out and you'll get there it's just frustrating when the journey doesn't follow the time table we plan isn't it? lol i think may was rough i think the planets were just aligned wrong for progress but hopefully june will be a banner month for us all! xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxo

  3. Finding a food plan that works for you going forward is a huge goal attained!