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Saturday, February 8, 2014

65MD the Eager Beaver

I got the Trim Healthy Mama book Friday afternoon.  It came earlier than the estimated delivery (which I think they do on purpose!)  I was glad to get it and started reading right away.  The book is over 600 pages long. Even though a large portion of that is recipes, it is still a lot of information to take in. I understand why I'd read so many comments about taking a week or more to read/prepare/fully understand the program.

I'd read about 10 pages by supper time.  I should probably mention at this point that by the time the book arrived, I had already started prep for our evening meal.  65MD was disappointed that our meal was not from the book!  This morning he was eager to try a THM breakfast.

I explained that most of the information I had indicated it took about a week to prep and then the prevailing wisdom was to start with breakfast for several days or a week, then lunch, then supper.  He asked if I could just skip to the recipes and start cooking and figure out the details later.

I found a quick start guide that came with a shopping list.  We looked over it and he's ready to go.  He wants to start fully tomorrow, allowing us time to go to the grocery store today.  I am glad he is so eager.  I wish I could snap my fingers and understand the program well enough to start fully today.

I'm with him.  I want to do this plan.  It seems right for both of us.  The sooner we get started the sooner we'll see results.  (BTW, this isn't a quick loss plan, but a pound a week plan like I've been wanting.)  I can't magically understand the whole thing so quickly.  Although, I believe it will be a very liveable plan once we get in to it.  

Tomorrow we'll still start with breakfast, and today.


  1. LOL, he's def eager! My main advice would be eating every 3 hours, no sooner and no later than every 4 hours. Learn S foods and E foods and only eat S foods together and E foods together. In the beginning, you will mess up and find out you have eaten an S Helper or a Crossover by accident. Oops. I read the book up to the recipe section. I only read one or two chapters past that section. Those are mostly just chapters about getting hormones in order.

  2. sounds like a very detail oriented plan, I wish you much success with it (not luck because you have smarts and determination!) cant wait to hear all about it. and I do have a request once you get into it a typical daily meal (one you actually used) plan so those of use clueless can see what type of plan it is. thanks darlin!

  3. It sounds like a reasonable plan. It's always nice to have a 'diet buddy' in real life for support. I hope it works well for you both!