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Thursday, February 20, 2014

Lessons from the Baby

We have a sweet 14 month old baby in the family.  I could spend a lot of time blogging about the baby and telling all the precious things about the baby but her parents are very Internet shy when it comes to their child.  They even shut down their facebook accounts because they didn't want any possibility of photos getting in to the wrong hands.  I have tried very hard to honor that since I am not the parent, but it is hard.  I know all of my readers would simply love to see pictures and hear stories even if the pictures and stories are not weight related.  Who doesn't love a baby, right?

Anyway, the baby came to visit for a couple of hours yesterday so the parents could enjoy a rare 70 degree day in February riding their motorcycle.  I was glad to rearrange my day to have all that sweetness in my house for a few hours.  The baby is a very good crawler and can take a few steps.  Most of the time, crawling is the preferred method of getting around.  It is much faster than walking right now.  I wish I could post a video of that little head down and the full steam ahead crawling manner.  It is like "Who has time to look where you're going?  I've got to get there!"

The baby is still happy to be carried too and that is what I like to do best - carry and snuggle that precious child.  They are little for such a short time.  So, yesterday, I spend a good bit of time carrying around 20-25 extra pounds, gladly.

Not long after I was alone again, I realized  that my right hip was really talking to me.  (It is the one that is malformed from birth and has arthritis.)  Most of the time, the pain is managed with mega doses of turmeric.  Yesterday, I had to hit the prescription stuff.  It took care of the pain and I am fine this morning.  I knew exactly what caused the pain yesterday - extra weight.  I know exactly what will alleviate pain in the future - less weight.

It was something I already knew.  But I needed to be reminded.  I am glad I was reminded in such a sweet way. 

THM Update:  I learned after my last post that I shouldn't do the plan as I described.    That plan is for stubborn weight.  I understood that part and felt like my weight was indeed stubborn!  But  cycling between the meal types as life or the body dictates should be followed for three months before doing what I described.  I found out on the second day, so no harm had been done.  I've been trying a lot of new recipes.  Soon, I'll do a post reviewing the ones I've tried.  So far. there has only been one that 65MD and I have both agreed to never, ever eat again - ever.


  1. LOL. Been there, done that with the recipes. I hate when that happens!!! I know losing weight will help my aching knees and flat feet so much. I hate that losing weight is such a slow process. I wish I could wriggle my nose and be done with it! :)

  2. glad you're feelin better today and enjoyed you lil bundle of joy. it's too bad the babys parents are shy cause you can simply make your stuff visible to friends only and sticking ones head in the sand almost never works. lookin forward to hearing about the recipes.