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Friday, February 14, 2014

Trim Healthy Mama Overview

I'm still finding bumps, bruises and sore spots from the fall.  I am taking it easy, hoping not to overdo it and hurt myself further.  I remember when I was a kid and an announcement would be made in church about someone falling and the whole congregation would gasp and I would wonder what the big deal was.  I knew I fell multiple times per day and no one was announcing that in church much less gasping about it!!  My how, time changes a perspective!!!

The best thing about this whole episode has been that I've really studied the Trim Healthy Mama book. I've made meal plans and recipe lists.  I have an idea of how I want to approach varying the meals.  I don't think I would have take the time to be that detailed if it hadn't been forced upon me so to speak.

Timothy has been a follower and regular commenter on this blog since its early days.  He's been a wonderful support to me.  I am glad to consider him my friend even though we've never actually met.  He has asked a couple of times about the THM plan.  This is for him and anyone else wondering what the plan entails.  It is complex, but I'll try to hit the highlights.  (Staci or anyone else doing the plan feel free to clarify anything I omit or mess up.  Remember I have a brain concussion.  I plan on using that excuse for as long as possible!!!)

There are three meal type with THM:
S=Satisfying which is fat>carbs think Atkins
E=Energizing which is fat<carbs think South Beach
FP=Fuel Pull low in both fat & carbs think starvation (just kidding)

There are additional things like crossovers and S helpers, but those three meals are the foundation of the meal plans.  All foods are allowed across the various plans except for white potatoes and sugar.  When eating an S meal, the protein can be higher in fat and veggies can have butter or other healthy fat; carbs are kept to a minimum.  For E meals, the protein is lean, healthy carbs are included and fat is kept to a minimum.  FP meals are for breaking plateaus or are cleansing type meals, and are not to be used long term.

The book does a good job of explaining how our bodies need both fat and carbs to function properly but not at the same time.  It makes sense to me and seems to explain some of the issues I have personally had with weight loss.  Even without a brain concussion, I doubt I could explain the science so, I'll say get the book to learn more.  LOL!

The plan encourages cycling between the meal types to keep the body guessing.  Our bodies are amazingly adept at adapting.  I have definitely experienced that in my own weight loss struggles.  Something will work, and I'll lose like crazy, or at least consistently and suddenly it will stop, or worse bounce up for no apparent reason.

The meals can be all S for a day or two or three then all E for a time.  Or breakfast can be S, lunch can be E and supper can be S again. There must be 3 hours between types of meals so as to be sure the body is ready for 'fuel' again.  The key is not to stay with one type for too long to keep the body from adapting. 

The book has tons of recipes and is written in a very conversational style, even the recipes.  Some recipes are given a couple of different ways because an ingredient may be hard to find or on the expensive side.  They even share where some of the more obscure sounding food items can be found and the current price range.

All in all, I think this is the plan for me.  I'm expecting great things.  I really appreciate Staci for leading the way.  (I've already told her I'm going to copy some of her meals!)


  1. sounds interesting, and thank you for the shout out and the explanation! you take care of yourself and get 100% recovered then you'll be able to really kill it!

  2. You are so stubborn that God had to physically plant you on your rear for study time! Haha, jk I do hope the plan does great things for you, Lori! I have really enjoyed being back on plan this past week. I pray that I can stay dedicated long enough to get to a new "decade" in numbers. :)