Total Weight Loss

Monday, February 24, 2014

Baring My Soul

I've been working all weekend on a Trim Healthy Mama recipe review with plans to publish it today but I'm just not feeling it.  Generally, I try to be an upbeat person.  I try to find the positive in whatever my situation, but today I'm going lay it all out there.  I'm not happy with myself and I'm not sure what to do about it.

I do not like my body shape.  I do not like the aches and pains.  I do not like that no matter what I seem to do to make things better it doesn't work.  I think more than anything I am scared out of my wits.  I do not want to continue feeling like a water buffalo.  And I have no freaking idea what to do about it.

THM seems like the answer.  It appeals to me on almost every level.  So much so that is seems too good to be true.  I have poured time and energy not to mention money in to this plan like none other.  I am scared to death that it isn't going to work.  Honestly, if this doesn't work, that is it for me.  I'll start a blog called Fat & Sassy or something like that.

I know that I've only been on this plan one week.  I know that it is complicated to implement properly.  I know that yo yo dieters like me often are slow to see loss because their bodies need to heal from the abuse but that doesn't matter.  I have GOT to see some results or I will go completely nuts.   I can't remember ever being this scared, particularly about a diet plan.

So much is riding on this emotionally for me that it is hard to articulate.  I do not like feeling this way. I have worked diligently all year to lose weight and all I have to show for it now is 6 more pounds.  This is crazy.  I could have gained 6 pounds eating cake and ice cream rather than green vegetables and grilled chicken.  I need help!

I have joined the facebook forum for THM and I've seen fabulous success stories.  After just a few months of working the plan, these women have had amazing transformations.  I've seen pleas for help from people that have given it their all and aren't seeing the results they want.  I don't want to be in that group.  I can't handle another diet failure.


  1. I sure wish I could tell you what your future holds, Lori. I would tell you what to do and what to do differently. I do hope THM works for you. What's strange is I am definitely losing while doing it, and I still have turmoil in my mind that it won't work. For me, it's because now that I've gotten used to it all, it seems "too good" or "too easy." All the foods I eat and I lose weight? No way! But the mental torture is still there. And I also read that most women lose about 25 and then stall there for a good bit. Will I be able to handle the stall or will I quit because of frustration? ((hugs)) All you can do is try. It never hurts to try things! And we all know that stress adds to weight, so try to put away the scales (or de-battery them), work the plan, ask all the questions you need to, and just let go of all your fears and frustrations. Casting all your fear upon him, for he careth for you. You're not alone in this!

  2. ok darlin take a DEEP breath and calm down, I understand fear oh boy do I get that. but it's way too soon to be in a panic. you're a smart determined lady and you'll make it just fine, but this stress/worry is gonna screw up your loss if you don't control your emotions. worst case scenario isn't the end darlin, you know that and you're not alone.....just hang tough and believe!

  3. Misquote! I meant casting all your CARE upon him, but I guess fear was appropriate for this time, too. ;)

  4. Hugs for Georgia. Try not to stress. I'm a stress eater. Believe me, I know stress and my mid section is telling me I've been under a lot of stress.


    1. Oh Jan, you do indeed know stress. My issues are silly compared to you. Thanks for your support.