Total Weight Loss

Thursday, February 27, 2014

Still Trying

I'm just dropping in to stay that I'm still working the THM plan, and to be completely honest still a little fearful.  It is that "It's too good to be true" thing, kicking in.

I'm sticking with mostly S meals which are low carb and easier for me to incorporate in my life.  I throw in an E (low fat) day here and there to keep my body guessing.  So far, I'm keeping the day all S or all E until I get more comfortable with the plan.  If I want a snack, I make it and FP ( low carb & low fat) so as not to mess anything up.  So far, my favorite is something called a "Fat Stripping Frappa."  I'll share more when I do the review soon.

I have got to go back and read the whole book again maybe even two more times to get a fuller understanding of the whole thing.  I think that will give me more confidence.

Thanks for encouraging me after Monday's post. I still feel very fragile.  I think once I start seeing results and at least get below my first of the year weight, I'll feel better. Please keep a good thought for me.


  1. you're as fragile as all the other steel magnolias darlin. you're smart and resilient and tough as nails when you need to be, mayhaps you need to be doin some positive affirmations. look in that gal darned mirror and tell yourself how beautiful, smart, and tough you are!

  2. So good to "see" you! I finally posted again - funny but I just ordered THM and also belong to the FB group. I don't trust any "plan" to be "the" plan - I get way too cranky being stuck to a plan, but I hope to make it work with what is working for me already (Paleo and no sugar). So good to be here again! Dawn

  3. PS I share your trepidation - not that the "plan" won't work for ME but that I will be a failure again! Seems I'm the only one who remembers that I failed (re-gained) in 1997. Ugh. Dawn

  4. Sounds like you are doing good with it, Lori. I really struggled with it all, and then one day it just kinda clicked. And I think it helped when I decided to give myself grace. And if you do mess up, which we are all prone to do, you can just start over again in 3 hours. I love that part about it. :) I like the FSF as long as I make it with the Hershey's dark cocoa. I also like the Big Boy Smoothie but add chocolate to it, too. LOL

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