Total Weight Loss

Monday, February 3, 2014

Transition Time

Today I began low carb.  I mean ruthless low carb at least for now.  I know that isn't sustainable for the long term, but I've got to get things moving in the right direction fast or I might just explode.  Sweet Staci over at The Skinny on Staci is making Trim Healthy Mama look good.  I've got some information on it and once I have a chance to understand it a little better I might switch to that.  She has her whole family on it and they're content AND she's losing weight.  What's not to like?  I can't wait until I have read everything and go shopping for what I need to lose weight so I'm doing the low carb at this time.

I had the family over yesterday and was a little concerned that I'd use 'starting fresh tomorrow' as an excuse to over indulge yesterday.  Since I was on guard for that little trick, it didn't happen.  I missed breakfast because I was getting last minute things ready for my family before church.  For lunch I had about 3/4 cup of chicken ole soup and a very small salad with no dressing.  We have a 13 month old girl in the family. She is so precious and a sweet distraction from the food.  I had  served myself more soup but I was helping feed her and it got cold.  I felt satisfied so I didn't eat.  

My sister has an exchange student from China living with her now.  They brought a Chinese New Year cake to celebrate.  (Which is nothing like the cake we have.  It was more like a flan.)  Of course, I had to try a bit.  I didn't want to upset the girl.  She's only been here a little more than a week and is still adjusting to life in this country.  Plus it was coconut and it smelled good.

I cut a tiny piece for myself, perhaps about an inch square.  It was very tiny.  It was also not appealing to my taste buds.  After a couple of nibbles, I quit eating.  I had no desire for any more.  Then the baby decided she wanted to try it and gobbled up the rest of my piece so it worked out just fine.

Later in the day, 65MD and I turned on the football game.  We had no real interest in either team, but hoped to see a good ball game.  Oh well.  I only mention it because 65MD felt like we needed some football snacks.  We don't keep that sort of thing in the house as a general rule.  I encouraged him to have popcorn because we make that with coconut oil and it seemed like the best option.

He declined wanting something a little more substantial.  I wound up making a cheese concoction with leftover shredded cheese for the soup and a can of diced tomatoes with chilies.  We also had some corn chips leftover from lunch that I was planning to send to work with him.  We ate cheese dip & chips during the first part of the game.  I ate my fill.  I really don't know how much it was, but there wasn't a lot to begin with.  After sharing, there was still some left so it wasn't a lot.  That was supper for us!!  

This morning, my weight was down a full pound!  My body is crazy.  

Today I had a piece of leftover steak for breakfast and am planning a green salad for lunch.  (I'll probably skip the dressing but if I decide to have some, I will have some Caesar that I made, so I know it is carb free.)  I'll have a nice serving of protein and green vegetables for supper tonight.

In the meantime, I have some research to do on Trim Healthy Mama!


  1. never heard of trim healthy mama i'll have to look it up. whatever you do I KNOW you're gonna do well!

  2. Hi Lori
    Not quite sure what you mean by 'ruthless' low-carb, but the sort of low-carb hubby and I follow (which we started to get him off and keep him off diabetes meds) is a ketogenic lifestyle, so very low-carb (aiming for under c.50g carbs per day) and although it takes a little adjusting to it is indeed sustainable. We've been doing this for about eighteen months and are quite happy and healthy with it. You might have a look at Phinney and Volek's website ( or better yet, buy their book - it could really help you. Good luck.

    1. Deniz,
      Thanks for the suggestion. I'll check it out. I'm aiming for as close to zero carbs as possible for now. I could probably go up to closer to 50 and sustain it.