Total Weight Loss

Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Trim Healthy Mama It Is!

Last night 65MD and I sat down with the information I had on hand about Trim Healthy Mama.  He agreed that it looked like something we could do together.  We did some further research and came across this blog.  The woman reached her goal weight very quickly and offered some tips on getting started.  That was all it took for us.  I ordered the book and a couple of 'must have' items.  While we are waiting for the book to arrive and for a few days while I read and understand more about the program, I'll stay with low carb.

Yesterday, eating low carb was like slipping in to an old comfortable shoe.  I'm hoping for good losses during the next two to three weeks while I remain on it.  I know I can do it for that length of time.  My nemesis will be that old "eat this while you can" mindset that I mentioned yesterday.  If I'm seeing any positive movement on the scale, I think that will be enough to keep me motivated. 


  1. I look forward to hearing more about the new plan as it's slipped under my radar and I know nothing about it.

  2. Oh wow! Love Gwen's nest! :) She is the moderator of the fb board, by the way. I think you said you have fb. If so, be sure to find the board. I can probably even invite you by email if need be. Do know that it can feel tricky and confusing in the beginning. It DOES get easier. And you don't always spend a lot on groceries. In the beginning I wanted to get all the items I didn't yet have. It felt like a fortune. Now I only have to replace items as needed. I think you will enjoy the beginning chapters of the book that explain the different types of ladies. I know I did. And if you hate it, fine. People sell used books on ebay for as much or more than a new book. Crazy! Be sure to check out You can get the protein plus peanut flour, 3 net gram carb tortillas that are yummy, and lots of other items on there. Flat rate shipping of 4.95. I do hope this works for you! And remember, some people start off slow in the beginning because their body is in the healing process.