Total Weight Loss

Tuesday, February 18, 2014

A Trifecta!

Well, this isn't exactly a trifecta, but there are three things I feel the need to mention today.
*Trim Healthy Mama
*Family Competition
*Knock in the Noggin

Yesterday was the first full day of 'all in' on THM.  I've read virtually through the whole book.  There is more to the book than food plans & recipes.  I have read through all that and was ready to move ahead.  65MD had been ready for a while so we forged ahead.  

I am doing the 14 day plan for plateau busting.  I'm hoping to get a few pounds off to stay motivated.  Of all of the weight reduction plans I have tried this one is by far the most lifestyle change one I've seen.  I mean that in the best possible way.  It feels like something I could do for the long term.  

The plan I am following now is "S" meals for 3 days, "FP" meals for 2 days and "E" meals for 2 days.  Then start back over.  When not on this cycle the plan is to move between these three meal types as your body and life dictate.  "S" meals are like Atkins only with healthy fat.  Your body uses the fat for energy and when it is gone starts to work on adipose tissue.  "FP" meals are low in both carbs and fat, requiring more adipose tissue for fuel.  (The name of the game!)  "E" meals are higher in healthy carbs and low fat like South Beach, giving the body some carbs for fuel before it panics and starts trying to save itself from starvation.  (I think this is what my body has been doing for a long time now.)

This 14 day cycle is only to be used when the natural cycles between the meals fail to yield any loss.  65MD is, in theory, cycling between the three meal types as his schedule allows.  He has a lot of lunch meetings at work and has little control over the menu at those times.  Plus, he just tweaks the plan as he sees fit.  He's not the rule follower I am.

He likes muffins for breakfast, so Sunday night I made the blueberry coconut ones at his request.  His plan was to eat two for breakfast each morning this week.  He ate them but wasn't wild about the texture so during the day yesterday, I made the cinnamon ones for him as a surprise.  He loves cinnamon.  They turned out so pretty.  They were very dark because of the flax meal.  They looked like chocolate and we were both eager to try them for breakfast this morning.  

He was sorely disappointed.  I was too, but more for him than the muffins.  He took one bite and could hardly get it down.  Again, it was a texture issue, but there was more than that.  I'm wondering if in my addled state I messed up the recipe.  I might try again in a week or two.

In addition to a mild concussion from the fall last week, I have multiple bruises and sore spots, along with some swelling.  My family gave me a pass on registering my weight this week.  It was way up, mostly from swelling but also from the girl scout cookies!  The cookies are gone and I'm all in now, so I'm hoping that most of the swelling will be gone by Sunday and I can report a more accurate weight.

Also, on the family competition front, my niece met the first goal she set for herself.  She's lost 15 pounds this year and I'm incredibly proud of her.

Back to the injuries, I saw my PCP yesterday.  He said that things like this just take time to heal.  It appears that no real, lasting damage was done.  I'm going back in two weeks for a follow up and we both expect I'll be feeling much better by then.


  1. I definitely find that the texture between the things I make with flax and almond meal are different than regular flour. It is something I can tolerate and have gotten used to. To keep my husband from being disappointed and all of us eating THM together, I don't do a lot of the baked things for them. I stick with eggs and breakfast meats in various forms. LOL I absolutely HATED bread in a mug and cake in a mug, but I really can enjoy muffin in a mug. It's aggravating in the beginning finding what you like, but you get there and then it's easier. Another thing to consider, I let my husband and kids eat whole wheat bread for their sandwiches and garlic toast since they don't have weight issues and have a better metabolism than I do. That way, they aren't constantly eating things they don't like. They make be eating Crossovers or S Helpers that way, but at least we're still all eating basically the same thing.

  2. just hang in darling, it's that blasted mercury retrograde we're all dealin with crap right now I was doin great then got sick so I've been off plan too. gonna have to check out this healthy mama thing i'll order it next time I do an amazon order. glad you're feelin better just be patient and don't overdo it or stress too much as time is what it's gonna take.