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Tuesday, February 11, 2014

My First Shopping Trip

Armed with helpful hints from Staci, a quick start guide I found on line and my still scant knowledge of the Trim Healthy Mama plan, I went to the grocery store.  I was a little freaked out about it.  I was in a quandary as to which store was the best and would I be able to find dried coconut or flax meal?  What about the cost?  Even though 65MD is totally on board, what if this stuff cost $300?  Would he still be OK with it?  

I really don't know why I freaked out so much. I go to the grocery store every week.  Sometimes more than once.  It isn't a difficult chore.  I bit the bullet and went to a store that isn't my typical haunt because I knew that this store had coconut oil at a better price than my typical store.

I got almost everything on my list, including the coconut oil, at my first stop.  It was like any other shopping trip once I settled down and actually started shopping!  I only got what was on the list, although the thought passed through my mind to get one last treat.  I let that thought pass on by.  It wasn't so hard to let it go because I wanted to only buy what was on the plan to get a true picture of the cost.

I had to stop at my regular store to fill in  a few gaps.  Since I had my list, I checked to see if they had the items already purchased.  They did.  The coconut oil was more, but I won't have to buy that every week.  So, I can go to the store I'm used to and get what we need as we eat it.  I feel good about shopping now.

The best part is, the cost was in the range of what I generally spend at the grocery store.  Some trips are more than others because of stocking up.  I was fully expecting this trip to be more, and it was only marginally so. This could wind up being a cost savings without trying to if we stick to our plan.  

We are still easing in to fully eating on plan.  We have a few no-no foods that we'll finish up in the next couple of days, like 65MD's instant oats.  I think by this time next week, we'll be doing three meals a day on plan, rather than taking three weeks like I read on one site.

I'll share more of what this plan is like tomorrow, Timothy.  I want to leave with this little tidbit - I won the family competition this week!!  Of course, I'm still behind in total because my weight is still up from when we started, but I feel like I've turned things around and soon enough the little doggie on the ticker at the top of the page will start moving across the screen like he should.


  1. I'm glad the first trip wasn't sky high for you. I don't know if I warned you about that or not. It was pretty big for me, but I'm buying for 6 peeps. Did you buy virgin coconut oil or LouAna? As far as for cooking, I use LouAna because I'm told virgin will leave your eggs and food tasting coconutty. My husband HATES coconut. Lol But he can't tell a thing with the LouAna. Says they are the best fried eggs I've ever made. I get my flours and stuff at either Kroger or Big Lots. If you have a Big Lots, they have a Bob's Red Mill section and carry some of the things at a cheaper price. I rarely go to Big Lots, so for me it's just worth it to buy it at Kroger since I always go there anyway. It's all over in the organics section. Woohoo that you won the competition this week!

    1. You warned me that the cost might be up. I was prepared for it, so it was a nice surprise when it was more in line with what I generally spend.
      I got the LouAna coconut oil. It was way cheaper and since the book said it was OK, I went with it. 65MD and I both like coconut so the taste thing wouldn't have been an issue for us.

  2. WOO HOO! I KNEW you could do it! that's fantastic!