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Monday, February 10, 2014

A Soft Start

We started Trim Healthy Mama today since our weekend didn't quite turn out like we planned.  It wasn't a bad weekend, just different than what we anticipated.  I didn't get to the store for supplies, but we were not delaying the start any longer.  So, at 9:00 PM last night, I was flipping through the "Morning Meals" section of the book looking for something that was appealing and I had all of the ingredients to make.

I would call out a recipe title and he would respond that it would be OK.  I should have realized he wasn't fully engaged in the conversation because he was giving assent to every thing I said.  I noticed that oats were listed saying that it was not the instant ones he liked.  I finally decided just to have eggs for breakfast and make some thing more substantial to heat and eat this afternoon for the rest of the week, and told 65MD.  He made a noise that I thought meant he heard, understood and agreed.

65MD got up before me, which is typical.  When I got up he had already eaten, but I knew he hadn't scrambled any eggs since there was no dirty pan anywhere.  I asked what he had and he said he ate oatmeal since I said it was OK last night.  *Sigh*  I let it go. The man will lose twice as fast as me anyway.  I'll tow the line and he'll tweak as he pleases.  He'll still lose faster.

I am NOT complaining.  OK, maybe griping just a little.  My overriding feeling is glad that he's fully engaged in doing this plan with me.  It will be so much easier that way, even if he does lose weight way faster than me.  That's life.  He's already emailed asking if supper will be 'from the book' or not.  I really appreciate his enthusiasm and hope it continues for both of us.

I'll give a report on the family competition tomorrow, I hope.  A couple had out of town trips and haven't updated their stats yet.


  1. I have found that I can never talk to my husband past a certain point in the evening. I even told him last night that our tax refund is due in the bank Wednesday. When I mentioned it today, he had no clue! Drives me insane. Anyway, while my family does eat THM with me when I'm on plan, I realize that I am the one with the most issues. Hubby and kids eat extra sides or things that I don't have. It's no fair, but like you said, men will lose so much easier! Eggs are always a good, go-to breakfast. :)

  2. new to your blog here, found ya through Staci :) Men! My husband is the opposite and wants me to feed him a lot so he can gain weight. sigh. If only I had that problem :)

    1. Welcome Adrienne! I hope we can both keep each other encouraged on this journey.