Total Weight Loss

Friday, January 14, 2011


I've, once again, been caught up in the whirlwind called work.  Although I haven't blogged, I've kept up reading most of them and commented here & there.  I've also written some great posts in my head!!  It is too bad that I can't connect the readers to my brain and just think them.  They're often much better that way.  I didn't make notes, so some may be lost forever, but here are a few of the ideas I had:
  • Ode to Elastic - it was my friend on the way up because I could wear clothes much longer than the manufacturer ever dreamed, and now on the way down, I love it even more.  Just a few inches sewn in the waist band, and I can wear my clothes once again much longer than the manufacturer ever dreamed
  • A Review of the Stepper - I finally got it on Tuesday and have used it some every day.  My arms have been the most sore, and I'm glad for that.  The bat wings were getting out of control.
  • Wii Wrecks - I might still do this since it could be funny.  I some how managed to knock wind chimes, not once but twice across the room.
  • Work Rants - and how I had to go in on Monday, but that isn't really what this blog is about, unless it counts as working through an issue
  • Denial - another one I might do.  I'm realizing now that I was in huge denial about my size before I lost weight, now that I am near the weight where I spent most of my 30's.
  • My sudden and almost overwhelming desire to eat dill pickles - all the time!
  • What about those potato chip commercials during the National Championship game?!?!  Potato chips, natural & wholesome - they're still potato chips!!
So, dear readers, know that you and this blog have not been far from my thoughts although I've been away.  I see a light at the end of the tunnel, and work should return to its normal level of chaos very soon.  I'll get back to my pattern and blog more regularly.

In the meantime, I've been eating on plan, and exercising every day.  My weight is responding.  I'll give a report on that tomorrow with my usual Saturday post.  Now it is time to get on the Wii and hope nothing is destroyed in the process.


  1. I write great stuff in my head too! Especially during biking season when I am pedaling along.

  2. Is there something you need to tell us?? You know, the dill pickle thing...just asking?

    I've caught myself composing posts OUT LOUD when walking. People must think I'm nuts!

  3. Sharon,
    Not trying to convey anything with the dill pickle comment other that it is so strange the things my brain decides to obsess about!