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Saturday, January 29, 2011

Saturday Scale Says

This morning the scale read 171.0.  That is a whopping loss of 1.2 lbs since last week.  Needless to say I'm discouraged.  I had high hopes for this round of hcg, and it just hasn't panned out. 

I'm proving my own theory that our bodies adapt to whatever we eat  and do so we have to continually change.  It is still hard knowing that I have not deviated once even in the slightest way from the food plan and I have been faithful in my exercise, and still have the smallest of results.  In fact, this morning the scales were up from yesterday, which is further disappointing.

I have two more weeks for the hcg, and I want to finish the round.  I'm not sure if I should or not.  It is not recommended to monkey around with the time frames, but I'm beginning to wonder if for my own mental health that I move to low carb for three or four weeks, and then come back to the hcg.

J-boy, being ever supportive, says that he doesn't mind if I stop losing weight now.  I think 170 is too much on a 5'4" body.  He points to relatives on both sides of the house that are and have been heavy.  His opinion is that I am fighting a strong genetic predisposition to carry extra weight, and will always be frustrated. 

I think that is coping out.  I am just barely out of the overweight category according to my BMI, and my goal of 145 is just barely into the normal weight range.

I said in the very beginning, two years ago, that I was not going to get all hung up on the numbers and label myself a failure if I didn't get to a certain number on the scale.  I am not labeling myself a failure by any means!  I've lost 83 lbs.  That is not a failure.  And during all of this soul searching, I have not once thought of quitting.  Instead, I've thought of what else can I do to be successful.  Those are both great milestones worthy of celebrating. 

I've just about come to the conclusion that if I lose 100 lbs, I'll say I'm at my goal.  That would make my weight 154. That is only 9 pounds above my ultimate goal, so that seems almost silly.  It is one of those mind games, I so often play.

The real question for today is what to do to get the ball rolling again?  How can I lose 15-25 pounds?  It should be easy to drop those few pounds, but so far for me, it has been an exercise in frustration.  Any ideas????

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  1. Friend ~ Rejoice in the weight loss, however small or big!! It's down!!

    Just keep pushing through....No matter what!! If you keep making good choices, every day you will reach your goal!!

    You can do it!!!

    Keep focused!!