Total Weight Loss

Tuesday, January 18, 2011


In March, 1999 J-boy gave me a lovely diamond engagement ring. It was/is a beautiful ring and I vowed right then and there to never, ever, ever take it off, ever. That lasted until I went to bed that night. The prongs in the setting picked the sheets and I was afraid that I would loosen the prongs and lose a stone in the bed. I couldn't have that so I took it off. Of course I put it back on quite promptly the next morning. That was my routine for 6 months.

Then in September, 1999 J-boy gave me a wedding band. This time I meant it when I promised to never, ever, ever take it off, ever. And I didn't.

Every morning I would get up and put on my engagement ring as a part of my morning routine. As time progressed, however, it became more and more difficult to get that beautiful ring on & off. Some days, I'd have to get my finger very soapy to coax that ring off. Eventually, I stopped putting it on. I told myself that working in the non profit world, I didn't want to be 'showy', but I knew even then that wasn't the truth.

The wedding band? Forget get about it. There was no way it was coming off. There was a time when my finger got swollen and I feared that the ring was going to have to be cut off. We managed to avoid that, but it was a bit of scare to day for sure.

One of the benefits of losing weight, that I listed before I began this journey, was that my rings would fit better. And they did. I restarted my routine of putting my engagement ring on in the morning when I got up and took it off at night before bed. The wedding band stayed right in place with no trouble.

I asked J-boy some time ago if my rings got too big would he have them cut down as a gift to me for losing weight. He, of course, agreed.

In the last few days and weeks, they have really gotten quite loose. I know that part of the problem is the cold. My fingers 'shrink' in the cold making even perfectly fitting rings a little on the loose side. Along about Thursday of last week, I went to flush the toilet at work, with my left hand and felt my rings slipping. I immediately made a fist so that they didn't fall into the toilet, so there was no drama. I knew then, that I'd have to do something soon.

I got a pretty chain to wear on which to wear some of my other favorite rings, but that didn't seem like the right idea for these rings. I put them on my middle finger and decided to discuss with J-boy the best course of action. Our conversation went something like this:

Me: Showing him my hand with the rings on the middle finger, "Look, my rings have gotten too big."

Him: Apparently not noticing that my rings were on the 'wrong' finger. "Maybe you should stop wearing them for now."

Me: Coyly "What will I do about all the men that will hit on me?"

Him: "They're creeps, don't worry about them."

Me: Still trying to be coy "Do you think only creeps will hit on me?"

Him: "Yes, only a creep hits on a married woman."

Me: "How will they know I'm married, if I don't have my rings on?"

Him: "Oh...well...keep them on."

So, for now, they are on the middle finger of my left hand. I'm less than 30 pounds away from my goal and I don't think they'll get too big for that finger. If they do, I have my index finger and thumb!


  1. this made me smile...I took off my rings with my 1st pregnancy and haven't managed to put them back on since! (10yrs!) But I did resize one ring and I wish I would have it's too big for the new finger, old finger and any other finger!

  2. This is too funny! MEN - can't live with em, can't shoot em!! Seriously though, do something. Losing something so precious would be terrible.

  3. You guys are too cute!!! Isn't it amazing the things that happen once we lose the weight? Who would have thought this would be a problem!! (Oh and what about shoes? I am constantly tripping with some of my shoes that are now too big!)

    Keep up the great work my friend. You are doing awesome!!

  4. I have to admit that I don't wear my ring all the time like I once used to. Funny thing is that after 23 years, I don't think about that outward symbol like I did way back when. But I sort of think maybe that's a bad thing - complacency and not being enough of a romantic. Hope my husband doesn't mind:)

  5. Haha JBoy is good with the logic :-)