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Monday, January 10, 2011

Snow Day

 I got a snow day today.  Although I might go in to the office during the middle of the day, right now I'm sitting here in my warm, snugly pajamas as I type this.

Late yesterday, as it became clear that the snow was going to come as predicted, J-boy and I began to plan how to get to work as historically neither of our offices closed.  This is the second snow day we've had in five years with my employer, and the first was in December of 2010.  Get the idea?

J-boy was thinking that I'd get the day but he would not, and he was right.  He is a professor and most universities don't close when the majority of students only walk from the dorm to the classroom. 

As we were contemplating, he said  "It's too bad you don't eat like you used to. Tomorrow (today) would be a good day for you to bake something good."
Me:  "Funny you should say that, I just blogged about that very thing."
J-boy:  " could make me a nice pot of soup."
Me:  laughing "Have you been reading my blog?"  Not that he can't he usually doesn't
J-boy:  looking puzzled, thinking that we've covered this already "No" somewhat hesitantly
Me:  "I put that in there too."
J-boy:  brightening "So, it's settled, you'll make me some soup tomorrow."

I will, and I'll choose one that uses lots of tomatoes so I won't be tempted by something creamy and high fat later on.

I'll also increase my time on the Wii.

Of course, there is always a long list of household chores, that I'll get to do.  What I won't do is eat anything off of plan just because it is snowy and I'm home. 


  1. Mr. B did get a snow day since Community College students DO have to drive. But snow days still present problems because a certain number of classroom hours must be met. Fortunately, classes have not yet started so this only impacts administration. Today was a full day of advising and registration at one of the satellite campuses plus a full expunge day for the registration office. So there's never a GOOD day for a snow day. I'll not even get into what I'm dealing with at home given the very unhappy caged lion currently residing in my den!

    Too bad we don't live in the same city in TN. You and I could WII together, Mr. B could make some cornbread and we could all enjoy that soup!

  2. Today was the first day of class for J-boy, so the administration really didn't want to cancel classes right of the bat. I haven't heard from him to learn how many students actually showed up!

    Good luck controlling the lion!

  3. I'm such a comfort food person. I love the creamy stuff ~ hard to resist, especially when it's cold. I did make a turkey pot pie yesterday, I had a small serving. Can't do that too often!

    Have fun with the day off!