Total Weight Loss

Thursday, January 6, 2011

Victory Thursday!!

I've had a crazy week, and not much time to think about blogging.  So, this might not make any sense.  So, what else is new?  Right?

I returned to work on Tuesday after 11 glorious days out of the office, counting holidays and weekends, only to discover my computer out of commission.  I was unable to do much productive at the office for almost two entire days before the problem was diagnosed and resolved.  The diagnosis was the long part.  I knew I'd be behind after the extended absence, but now it has increased exponentially!

Despite that issue, I started the new year with a renewed vigor and focus on my weight loss plan.  I am determined to get to my goal this year.  I've had a great week of eating on plan, exercise and guzzling the water.  I feel great.  It hasn't been easy, but it has been worth it.  I can get to my goal.  I feel it deep inside.

And now for another story of my frustrating week...On the way home from work today, J-boy and I stopped at the store and bought a stair stepper.  I sold my elliptical before Christmas because I felt like I had gotten all of the good I could from it physically.  Since that time, I've been faithfully using the Wii and Wii fit.  That feels like cheating at some level, since it is enjoyable, but I still get my heart rate up. 

Anyway, I'd had my eye on this piece of equipment for a while, and a co-worker told me that she'd seen them half price.  She told me where they were in the store and even offered to let me use her car to go get one.  (I have the best co-workers ever!!)  I managed to wait until the way home and got the last one in the store.  We came home and I put it together and I proceeded to try to use it.  J-boy had only been an observer up until this point.  When it didn't work he stepped in to save the day for me by putting it together properly.   Ahem...that didn't work either.  We realized fairly quickly where the problem was and then noticed that a weld had come loose causing it to malfunction.  The steps wouldn't go back up after they were pressed down.  Both of us got a pretty good work-out trying to repair it, but I still did my Wii work-out.  

We'll have to take it back.  I'm bummed on two levels.  One, just the pain of having to take it back is irritating.  Two, it was the last one, so I'll have to keep shopping.  I had my mind ready and now I have to wait.  I'm not good at that.

The scales are moving in the right direction with the Wii/Wii fit combo, so I won't stay upset long.


  1. Good to hear from you! I thought you were probably overwhelmed with getting back to work. Bummer on the elliptical. I hate having to take stuff back and that thing would be no easy task! LOL! Sounds good with the eating - keep it up! More snow expected here today.......bummer!!

  2. "I can get to my goal. I feel it deep inside." - I love this part! I have always wanted to try the Wii but now I hear great things about Kinect.