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Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Crash, Burn and Get UP!

Yesterday I began P90X.  A few short years or even months ago that would have been unfathomable.  Now, it is just simply crazy.  But, I forge ahead.  I have opted to eat according to the "Fat Shredder" nutrition guide and do the "Lean" workout.

The nutrition is much like I eat already, but with a few more options and a little more food.  I'm going to have to be careful about measuring to be sure.  I think that I'll be eating more food though.  That's fine with me.  It will be good, healthy food, not more cookies and ice cream.  The workouts are insane and I'm not going to ruin that with bad fuel for my body. 

Yesterday, I decided to wait to do the first workout with 65MD after he got home from work.  Sadly, he came home sick.  I think he picked up a little bug on our trip.  When he said he needed to lay down when he got home, I knew it was the real deal.  This man does not admit illness unless he has to.  He encouraged me to go ahead.  He even helped get the equipment together for me before departing to the other room to rest.

I popped in the DVD and got busy with the warm up.  It was harder that some 'workouts' I've done.  About 5 minutes in, there was a quad stretch.  Nothing too insane, just bending the knee, grabbing the foot from behind and stretching.  I've done this countless times.  It is for me, a nice easy stretch.  I bent my right knee and had my heel up at my tush.  As I reached with my hand to grab my foot and pull, there was an explosion in my thigh.  It really felt like a bullet had hit me right in the center of my thigh.  I cried out in pain and fell, yes fell, to the ground in extreme pain.

I caused such a commotion that 65MD rushed in to see if he needed to call 911.  I stayed in the floor for a bit and then crawled, literally crawled up in to the chair.  65MD was hovering to make sure no new injuries happened.  After resting in the chair for a bit, I decided to walk it out.  I send 65MD back to bed and paced through the house.  OK, initially, I hobbled through the house using furniture to hold myself up.  As I continued I was able to walk more upright and then like nothing had happened.  It was odd and scary enough that I did not finish the workout.  I put it away for the evening.

I was a little concerned about soreness this morning and that I might have to delay the workout a day or to but not once did I think of chucking it.  Not once did I tell myself that I was to old, fat, out of shape, etc to do it. 

This morning, I got up with no soreness at all and did the full workout.  I know without a doubt I will be sore in the morning.  Intense does not even begin to describe this workout.  I did the modified version and had to modify it a bit more.  That is OK.  I have a goal.  I can work up to it.  I will work up to it.  During the work out, I relished the sweat and was even disappointed that I didn't sweat more.  When it got tough, I never thought of quitting.  I thought of how good I was going to look both in my clothes and out of them!  I thought about how I would be able to go to Colonial Williamsburg and walk all day without naproxen.

 This is a serious commitment.  It is 90 days of one hour work outs with only one day off per week.  I will see it through.  In January, I'll decide if I want to do it again on the next level up.  Right now, I am doing the best I can and I will continue to.

BTW, the pictures didn't happen last night because 65MD wasn't quite up to it.  He's better already and I'll get him to take the pics tonight.


  1. That is crazy. Sorry, but I couldn't help but get a chuckle out of it somehow. LOL So glad you weren't sore this morning and woohoo for completing the entire workout! You go girl!

    1. Staci,
      It probably would have been hilarious to see. Good thing the neighbors weren't looking in at that time.

  2. glad you weren't injured, bet that was SCARY! bravo for you for picking yourself up and keepin that forward momentum, 90 days to an "imporved" you, damn darlin you're already a Goddess imagine how FABULOUS that's gonna be! WOO HOO!