Total Weight Loss

Monday, October 8, 2012

Monday Mileage

I have 707 miles for the year.  I thought I never get through that 700 mile barrier. The 600's seemed to take forever.  Funny how that happens sometimes.

I'm learning more and more that any idea I had of physical fitness was a delusion.  I'm doing my best with the P90X.  It is hard not to get discouraged.  I am only a week in, so I'm not throwing in the towel just yet.  I have got to give myself at least a month to see if I improve at all.  I think I will and I think that will give me the strength to forge ahead.

It has turned cold and is rainy here.  It doesn't do much for my desire to work out.  The weekend was just crazy.  Funny thing, I was expecting a calm, relaxing weekend and those are two of the last words I'd choose to describe it!  I missed two workouts but I was right back with it today.

The old me would have quit already.  The old me would have turned off the yoga about two minutes in and cried.  I've already confessed that I was close to tears, but I did not quit.  The old me would have decided that it was useless to continue if I missed one, much less two workouts.  I no longer had 'perfect attendance' so what was the use.

No more.  Now, I'm struggling and clawing my way out of this pit I've dug for myself.  If I don't things will only get worse.  I won't let that happen!  It is my choice to make, will I be fitter in 30 days or fatter?  I've already decided fitter, now to make it happen.


  1. it's a no brainer sweetie, you'll be fitter no matter what the scale says, we get thin in the kitchen and fit in the gym, so watch the calorie.carb/portion along with the working out and how could you possibly fail, hell just doin it makes you a winner and i'm proud of you for hangin in! GO LORI GO LORI GO LORI! (imagine me shakin my pom poms!)

  2. I have got to give myself at least a month to see if I improve at all

    Well, we both know you won't get LESS fit by doing this. So even if you just stay the same and don't actually improve, isn't it still worth going ahead with? I think so! Yayyyy for 700 miles! Woohoo!